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Last night I ran my 4th and final (for the season) Al Goldstein 5k in Prospect Park. It’s a series put on by PPTC and this is my 3rd summer doing it. It’s always great to see running friends on a random night during the week.


Anyway, the first 3 races of the season were mostly disappointing, I was never expecting much, but they were pretty consistent at 26:06, 26:16, and 26:16 respectively. But, last night? Last night I ran an amazing and surprisingly strong race and I left remembering what it was like to have a great race.

Despite not achieving a PR, I feel as happy as if I did achieve one. It wasn’t my fastest, but it was definitely my strongest and most satisfying 5k I’ve ever run.

I still don’t know how I pulled it off, but I managed negative splits!

Mile 1: 8:16

Mile 2: 8:10

Mile 3: 7:49

.10: 7:22 pace

Official Time: 24:59

Carla was awesome enough to come out and cheer us on in mile 2 and she captured this fantastic photo of me!


I felt SO STRONG during the entire race. I’m in awe, mostly because it was on my 7th consecutive day of running, so my legs were anything but fresh. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt this way and since I’ve had such a great race, so I’m trying to soak it in as much as possible.

This is helping me feel ready to start my speedwork next week!

Ever had an awesome/successful race even if you didn’t PR?

I can’t seem to keep up with these updates already! These past 2 weeks have been incredibly busy for me, but somehow I am still alive, exhausted, but alive.

Training is going pretty well overall, I’m still in the base building phase, but only for one more week. I want to be as prepared as possible for the “real” training that involves speedwork, so I really need to catch up on sleep this week.

Week 3:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7 easy miles
I woke up before work to get this done!!! This is a big deal for me. I am not a morning runner/person. I ran 3 miles, then met Em for the last 4, so that was nice. It was humid as f&$k, though.

Wednesday: 5 miles, with a 5k in the middle. Splits were 8:23, 8:49, 8:19, and 7:19 for the last tenth of a mile. I was semi disappointed with how this race went. I’ve been running a whole lot more than the last time I ran this, but I managed the same exact time. I can’t seem to run a good second mile, that’s where it falls apart for me. 5k shape? Yeah, definitely not in that at the moment!

Thursday: 6 easy miles with my friend, Zach

Friday: 4 miles at 5:30am, who am I? I don’t know how I managed it, but I woke up at 5, ran, then showered and was out the door before 7 to meet up with the crew going to Block Island.

Saturday: 8 miles around Block Island

Obviously this was freaking amazing! It was hilly, but we negative split and took it generally pretty easy. The views were amazing and we stopped to take a lot of pictures.


We kept joking that we were doing a triathlon because we also went on a bike ride and swam in the ocean later in the day. So, overall a very active day and so much fun!

20140724-155545-57345956.jpg 20140724-155546-57346372.jpgRocking the new Oiselle Frenchy bikini top! #FlyStyle

Sunday: Rest! So. Needed.

Total: 30 miles

This was a great week and I felt so accomplished afterwards. Block Island was amazing and I did not want to leave!!!

Week 4:

I got to test out my new Hokas!


I honestly can’t even remember any details about this past week. It was kind of a blur. My cat, Fry, had emergency stomach surgery the weekend I was in Block Island. He ate a shoelace and several hair elastics because he is dumb. It was a very stressful and expensive week for the husband and I.


He is recovered and doing just fine now, thankfully. We have since cleaned our apartment extremely well so there is absolutely nothing he could possibly eat.

I ran just to get the miles in and they were all slow/easy miles that were pretty uneventful.

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: 4 miles

Saturday: 5 miles

Sunday: 2 miles :(

Sunday was supposed to be 8 miles, but after an incredibly exhausting weekend, my body just did not want it. I called it quits at mile 2 on the treadmill and then lifted some weights instead. I miss strength training…at least the whole workout wasn’t a wash. I’m bummed I didn’t make it 8 miles, but considering I don’t have any cutback weeks and this is still just the base building phase, I feel better about it.

Total: 24 miles

My brother in law was in town for the weekend, he just turned 21, and had never been to NYC, so we did all kind of things with him. We ate Shake Shack, saw Times Square, visited Central Park, went to the Bacon and Beer Festival at Citi Field, and ate King of Falafel. It was an incredibly exhausting weekend, but so much fun!


20140713-145619-53779444.jpgMonday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 easy miles

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5 easy miles with Em

Friday: 4 easy miles along the west side highway.


Ran on my lunch break and it was a hot and lousy run, but a beautiful view. I needed to squeeze it in since I had book club in the evening and ended up drinking #allthewine.


Saturday: 6 hungover, but amazing easy miles on the treadmill. Somehow this run, despite being on the treadmill, turned out really great. I tried to make it a hilly run and I did the last mile at 8:57, which is about marathon goal pace.

Sunday: 6 easy miles with Em.

Total: 25 miles

Goals for next week: 1 early morning run before work!

I ordered a new pair of Hokas. They are a brand new model that just got released in July, but apparently there was an issue with the production, so they aren’t available everywhere just yet. I have 2 orders in and I’m hoping I will get one of them in August. Fingers crossed! I’m really looking forward to these shoes.

They are an extremely light and versatile road racing shoe and I love this color. Please, please come soon!!!