Week 2 of NYCM training has wrapped! It was a good week indeed and now we are at 16 weeks to go.

I ran 12 miles on Saturday, and most of the miles were done with Laura and Theodora. I met up with Laura around mile 3 and she already wasn’t feeling so great šŸ™ It was pretty brutal outside on Saturday, the humidity was out of control. We picked up Theodora after a couple of miles and together we tried to talk Laura’s ear off in order to distract her and keep her going strong.

Thanks to Laura for the picture!

Minus the humidity, it was a good run! I’ve been running in the heat a lot lately, so I’m starting to feel conditioned to it. It was a slow, easy run for me and I could’ve kept going! It’s hard running when others aren’t feeling as good as you, or vice versa. I had a run a few months ago, right before my injury where I was feeling terrible and super slow and everyone looked like they were running so effortlessly. Sometimes group runs are hard for that reason, but it’s nice to have the company and motivation and that’s what will get you through the run.

Marathon training has started off great for me and I am very grateful because I know of others who have been struggling and it’s just the beginning of the journey. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down!

I completed the 12 miles in just over 2 hours with a 10:09 pace. I have 10 miles on deck this coming weekend and I will be in NH for them. I plan on running on a paved trail up there, and I believe it’s pretty flat the whole way, so I’m excited to bust out a few faster miles along that course.

I came home, made a protein shake and patiently waited for the husband and my sister in-law to get around. We headed to Brooklyn Bagel for some of the best bagels ever!

I got my usual, an Everything Bagel with Tuscan Artichoke cream cheese. Mmmm!

Salty goodness

Week 2

  • Ran 5 days
  • A total of 26.4 miles
  • 1 brand new PR!
  • 1 vBarre class as cross training
  • 1 rest day

Overall it was an easy week. I did a TON of walking this past weekend and ended each day with my legs screaming at me, so they are happy to have today off from running. I have class #2 of vBarre tonight, so hopefully my legs will cooperate for that.

My sister in-law was in town, it was her first time in NYC, so we took her all over the place and did some touristy things. Here is what we did:

  • Shopped in Herald Square/visited Macy’s
  • Walked the Highline park

  • Visited Chelsea Market
  • Went to brunch at Sanfords

  • Walked through Central Park
  • Went to the MET

  • Walked around Columbus Circle
  • Walked through Times Square
  • Visited Top of the Rock

  • And of course, drank lots of beer at Sunswick and it we met up for Laura’s birthday gathering at Rattle n Hum! It was nice to have the husband meet a bunch of my runner friends šŸ™‚

Yeah. We did a lot. I hope you had a good time in NYC, Marissa!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. sounds like an amazing week!

  2. Rock on with your 12 miles. I’m doing a low 8 for my first of 16 weeks. šŸ™‚

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