So, I know I haven’t blogged in more than a week, but it was nice to have some time off to catch up on everything else. A lot of exciting things have happened over the past few days and it’s been a pretty great week.

I finished working on a play called ‘Green Eyes’ which was an unreleased Tennessee Williams play that was put into production along with several of his other unreleased pieces. The plays were put on by the company Target Margin and they were held at ‘The Bushwick Starr’ in Brooklyn. I’m not sure how many different shows there were, but they were all around 30 minutes each and every show did real well.

I did the makeup effects for my show, which consisted of scratches and bruises on a woman after a night of sexual escapades. ‘Green Eyes’ sold out every single night and it was a huge success. I wasn’t even able to get any tickets for my friends! It was a little disappointing because the show was really good and quite intense. It starred Erin Markey and Matthew Coyle and their chemistry on stage was fantastic. I was proud to be working on this show and I had a great time with everyone involved.

I really don’t have many pictures to share of this. I couldn’t really take any pictures of the show obviously, but this is a cool mobile that was hanging in the hallway outside of the stage.
I finished the play up on Saturday night and then I woke up bright and early on Sunday to help Isabelle out with her headshot makeup. I met her during the play, I showed her how to do some makeup effects and she was kind of like my assistant. She is really cool so I did not mind getting up on Sunday to help her out. I’ve never done headshot makeup before, but it was pretty simple and I had a good time over there. I met some cool people and I had a really great weekend overall .
I also went to Timberland on Sunday evening and purchased some awesome new shoes and clothing. My good Erin works there and she had given us a friends and family coupon worth 55% off our total order so we of course had to make good use of that. I think we saved over $400!!!
This is what I bought:

201003311019.jpg 201003311021.jpg201003311021.jpg

And I also bought three pairs of smart wool socks of course! They are still buy two get one free so how could I resist! I am determined to turn my whole sock collection into smart wool socks. Let me tell you though, that rain coat protected me amazingly well yesterday in the monsoon that was NYC! I had no umbrella because I left it at someone’s house last week so this is the only thing I had on to keep me dry. Yeah, my legs go wet, but this coat kept my upper half completely dry, it was great timing to purchase this coat.

I have a meeting on Thursday night with Eugenia to discuss the end of my internship and the position of head editor for the IRLF site!!!! I’m really excited 🙂

I am currently blogging through Ecto for the first time, I’ve decided I need a program like this because it makes blogging sooo much easier. I am using the free trial right now but if everything continues to go well then it is definitely worth the investment.

See ya’ll later with my review of Ethiopian food!

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  1. Stephanie, you were such an amazing help on GREEN EYES. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have lots of amazing photos from the dress rehearsal and will share those soon. Also, I’ll be editing together all of the footage so that you have a video record of your contribution. We all missed you very much at the cast party. I hope Isabelle’s photo shoot went well!

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