I posted this a few days ago, but apparently Ecto (My blog software) decided it would be cool to just go ahead and delete the post. Grrr

Anyway, forgive me if this isn’t as detailed as you hoped, it was 3 weeks ago that it happened.

I believe we left my sister’s place around 10:15, 10:30 to head to Amesbury. Kerri and Scott accompanied us because we had plans to check out a sweet beer bar that they had a gift certificate to that was also conveniently located in Amesbury.

We got off the exit and was almost immediately stuck in traffic! We waited and waited and waited. My car was about to run out of gas and we all had to pee, so after about 30 minutes of waiting, we were all getting pretty frustrated. Turns out, all the parking lots were full, so they re-directed everyone back onto the highway toward another exit. Before we jumped back on the road, we stopped for gas and the bathroom. There was no way were going to make it in time for our wave anyway, so we figured we might as well relieve some pressure mentally and physically by making a quick stop.

We parked, got shuttled over to the race by a school bus and then Derek and I picked up our race packets. As soon as we were ready to go, we jumped into the start and almost immediately took off. It was probably the 1:30 wave? Not sure, everyone was having problems all day with getting to their wave on time though.



We ran up the hill mountain (which was nothing compared to NY last year) and then we decided to wait by the side until everyone behind us passed. We waited with a few others because it was so crowded! It seemed worth it to allow ourselves a little more room. We were covered in mud almost right away. It had been raining the whole day before and the morning of, so it was EXTRA MUDDY. We took off, but we couldn’t really run for too long because of how muddy and slippery it was.


The course was a mess! In a good way though, it was just insane, we were running through muddy rivers, people’s feet were getting stuck, it was so much fun though! Derek and I stayed together the whole time, he kept pulling ahead though and having to wait for me! I know….who is he? I’m supposed to be the runner here, right? Haha. All of the obstacles were really great and I was actually surprised by how hardcore some of them actually were.


I couldn’t help, but think the whole time how much crazier this race was than last years in NY. I didn’t get muddy till the very end last year and the obstacles weren’t intimidating at all. This year, there was an 8 foot wall, which was a little tough to get over and I really enjoyed the giant mudslide at the end.


We made it and we both had a blast! We are really hoping to purchase a few photos because it was such a fun event for the 2 of us.

Unfortunately though, I did get a terrible rash from all of the mud, as I had mentioned here. Apparently something was in the mud that gave a ton of people this insanely itchy rash wherever the mud touched their skin. It started exactly where my shorts ended and went all the way down my legs. More than 3 weeks later, it’s finally almost gone. It still drives me crazy every once in a while, but I’ve learned how to force myself not to itch!

WarriorDash2011 (2).jpg

This was Derek’s first official race! I’m so proud of him 😀 He was so excited to get a medal!

Next year, I’m wearing pants!

Stay Tuned: I made a video of the whole Warrior Dash using my waterproof Kodak video camera. I still have to edit it all together, but hopefully it will be done sooner than later.


  1. cant wait to see the video!

  2. I have my medal hanging on the refrigerator. I took a closer look at it the other day–it has mud on it!! How appropriate!!

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