After my brutally hot run last weekend where I attempted 11 miles, but only managed 6, I was more than determined to complete a solid 12 miles this weekend.

The conditions were a lot better yesterday than last weekend, so I felt pretty confident about this run. The first 6 miles went by pretty quickly and smoothly. I was distracted by a race going on in Central Park so it gave me something to look at. The race was a women’s only 10K and I saw the first woman pass, who was an elite runner and she had the truck with the time clock driving right in front of her as she ran. It was pretty interesting to see the first person and then as I continued to run by all of them, I saw the huge pack of the thousands of runners go by. I also saw all of the people staggering out at the end.

I met up with my roommate Matt for the final 6, which was great and it really helped the miles fly by. It was getting a little humid and hot by the last few miles, but I was still feeling pretty good. As a matter of fact, the fastest mile in the run was my very last mile! Imagine that. Here are my splits:

  1. 9:38
  2. 9:51
  3. 10:13
  4. 9:55
  5. 9:42
  6. 10:03
  7. 9:40
  8. 9:32
  9. 10:03
  10. 10:01
  11. 9:38
  12. 9:26

It was a great run and I was so happy and proud to finally complete those 12 miles, but then it happened…the last 1/2 mile my left foot began to hurt, I kind of just figured it was hurting because you know I just ran 12 miles and my feet are definitely gonna hurt. But, after I stopped it was hurting to walk on it and I felt like I had to walk on the inside of my foot. It kept getting progressively worse as I walked to the subway and I could not figure out what was going on. It hurts on the outside of my foot and I think it may be because I ran both of my loops in Central Park the same way. You are supposed to mix up the routes you run so you aren’t always putting the same stress on the same part of your feet. It’s because of the slope and I definitely did not mix it up enough.

So now I am suffering the consequences. It kills to walk on it at all, sitting down it does not hurt and even a rough massage did not bother it, it’s when I put all of my weight on it and try to actually walk that it hurts a lot. I iced it last night and this morning and I also bought some  athletic bandage to wrap my foot up in for the next few days. Obviously, no running at all right now for at least, at least a week. My race is 2 weeks from today and I am hoping it will be completely healed by then. Even if I have to not run these 2 weeks, I am okay with that. If that means I can run my race, so be it.

When I ran the 12 mile training run for the NYC half, that is when my knee began to hurt. I don’t know what it is, but these 12 mile runs are very unlucky for me and I keep getting injured. I had to take a lot of time off before the NYC half also because of my knee injury! I feel pretty confident that my foot will be okay in 2 weeks, but still it’s frustrating and stressful that it even happened.

Ugh! I’m just mad at myself that I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I should’ve turned around after the first loop and went back the other way. I mean that’s what I’m thinking it is caused by due to lots of research, but either way it happened and it’s not super serious so I guess I can be happy about that.

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