I ran this race last year and I remembered it being a pretty large race so I kind of knew what to expect this morning. I got a really good night’s sleep last night! I slept for a solid 7 hours and woke up at 6:00 ready to go. I decided not to shower beforehand since I knew I would be leaving right after I was finished the race. I had more than enough to time to get dressed, wash my face and eat my usual pre-run breakfast.

I had to walk 15 blocks to the subway as opposed to my usual 1 since my station is under construction. I should’ve left a few minutes earlier because I found myself rushing to the baggage area to drop my stuff off. I missed my running buddy, Adriana, she is resting up her somewhat injured leg/foot so that she can run the Brooklyn Half next weekend. I jumped into the 5,000 corral because I just couldn’t bring myself to go all the way back to the 7,000 corral, after all I was aiming for an 8:30 pace.
The race was crowded! I felt a little held back for the first 2 miles. I started out a little stiff and slow and after the first 2 miles I realized that an average 8:30 pace wasn’t going to happen. My new goal? To get every mile split under 9 minutes.

Mile 1: 8:57

Mile 2: 8:54
I never checked to see what my 10K PR was so I thought I had a huge chance of PR-ing! Mile 3 was my favorite and fastest, it had a lot of downhills, but also some tough uphills as well. I kicked ass on the uphills though, I couldn’t believe how I powered through them, it felt amazing!

Mile 3: 8:31

Mile 4: 8:57

I dug deep during this race, I felt super focused and pretty strong overall. At one point I thought about Dean Karnazes and I said to myself “It’s not like I’m running a 100 mile race right now! I only have 2 more miles to run!”

Mile 5: 8:40

Mile 6: 8:40

Mile .2: 1:41 (8:18 pace)

Mile 5 and 6 were pretty speedy, but they weren’t easy. My Garmin was ahead by .14 miles so I was trying hard to make up for it. By the end of the race I was pretty spent and for about 5 seconds right before I crossed the finished line, I thought I might actually puke.


According to my Garmin, I ran an average of an 8:45 pace, which would’ve given me a new PR because I actually ran 6.34 miles. But, my time of 55:29 gets calculated for the 6.2 mile (10K) course and that gives me an average of 8:56

Official Stats:

Distance: 6.2 Miles

Duration: 55:29

Average Pace: 8:56

Garmin Stats:

Distance: 6.34

Duration: 55:29

Average Pace: 8:45

My 10K PR is 54:28, I’m determined to beat that! It’s one of my New Years Goals!

I’m super happy with how this race went, I really pushed myself hard and I know I gave it my all. It was a great race overall and I’m looking forward to the Brooklyn Half next weekend!

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  1. CONGRATS! im running the santa monica classic 10K tomorrow. eeek! i hope i run as fast as you but lately my legs have felt like lead… oye…. im sure the other racers will make me want to run faster.

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