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After cake tasting, I went back to my sister’s to change into my dress and get ready. I was stuffed with cake, but I knew I had a whole day of eating ahead of me!


After writing this post, I felt like I was about to give up! But, I ended up going out on my lunch break the very next day and eventually found this dress at Filene’s Basement. I loved it and it was exactly in my price range of $50! Yay!

So, just to be a little more vain, here are some more pictures of my “perfect” bridal shower dress!




And I wore these shoes….which I borrowed from my sister Kerri. She has a ton of shoes and I can always rely on her to find the perfect pair 😀


The shower was held at Derek’s parents house on July 23rd (last weekend). There was some pretty amazing food at the shower. First up, homemade funfetti cupcakes! They were so good, I love funfetti and these were even better since they were homemade!


One of my good friends and bridesmaid showed up with these delicious homemade donuts! They tasted and looked extremely professional. She made glazed and jelly filled! Gosh, they were amazing and they got eaten up quickly! I made sure to grab a couple for Derek because I knew he would be bummed if he missed out on them. Laura, I need this recipe, Derek is demanding I make these!


We did have some ‘healthy’ foods, although technically these were made to be dipped in the chocolate fountain. There was also Sangria and Margaritas that I definitely had my fair share of.


So good!

Of course, Bongo came to the shower. He was technically the only male there, but he got lots of love and attention.

We got a variety 6 pack of beers to test with our tulip glasses that we got from Derek’s aunt.
We got a lot of great gifts and I’m not trying to put them in any type of order, but this was one of the greatest and most meaningful gift we had received. Laura (the girl who made the donuts!) painted this amazing picture of Derek and I (and Bongo). She based it off of this engagement picture:
I literally had to fight back tears when I opened this. Laura is an extremely talented artist and I’ve seen her evolve and grow with her work over the years. I’ve known her since Middle School and she’s been creating amazing artwork for a long time. I’ve always wanted a piece of her work! The painting is beautiful and Derek and I appreciate and love it very much! Thank you Laura!!!!
I’m sure you can tell by my face how excited I was to receive this from my mom and dad. I have been dying for a KitchenAid mixer and I can’t wait to use it to make lots of delicious treats and pizza dough!
Check out this amazing spread of candy! This was the candy table where guests could make their own bags of candy to take home.
Including swedish fish, m&m’s, reese’s pieces, jelly beans, gummy worms & bears, skittles, lifesavers, and peppermint melty things (Yep, I don’t know what those are called).
Sealed with a sticker of Derek and I 😀

From left: Laura, Kerri, Me, Kelly, Marissa

My bridal party! Everyone, except my sister Gina could make it! I was pretty bummed out that she couldn’t make it, I was really hoping to finally have my bridal party all together for once before the actual wedding. I love these women! I really am going to have a beautiful wedding party.

The wedding shower was put on by my maid of honor and best friend/sister, Kerri, Marissa, who is Derek’s little sister, and Derek’s mom Karen. I just want to thank you guys sooooo much! The shower was wonderful and truly special and memorable. I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful family.

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