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Derek and I are now finding ourselves smack in the middle of wedding planning and you know what? It hasn’t been all that bad, it’s actually been pretty fun and enjoyable. We have been taking it one step at at a time and things have been going pretty smoothly overall.

  • I bought my wedding dress!
  • We have set our date; September 24th, 2011. The ceremony and reception will be held at the Woodbound Inn in Rindge, NH.
  • We have sent out 99% of our ‘Save The Date’ magnets.


  • Have found our photographer.
  • Figured out and set a realistic budget.
  • Decided on wedding favors.
  • Came up with ideas for a few of the personalized details.
  • Booked our Honeymoon!

We are going to Denver, CO for our honeymoon. We will be staying at the

Queen Anne B&B, for 7 nights. We will also be attending the Great American Beer Festival, which is one of the main reasons we chose Denver for our trip. It’s going to be pretty epic and I cannot wait! We will be staying in the Rooftop room, which is the same room that my sister, Kerri and Scott stayed at on their honeymoon. I guess we are kind of copying what they did for their honeymoon, but we can’t help it, it’s what we want and it’s going to be awesome!

Things that are next on our list:

  • Find a DJ
  • Pick out flowers
  • Find Bridesmaids dresses

My bridesmaids dresses will be dark brown and full length and they must have straps. I don’t know what it is, but I dislike strapless dresses, they are very unappealing to me. They will most likely be purchased in May.
That’s what we’ve done so far. It FINALLY feels real though. Decisions have been made and trips have been booked, it’s really happening and I couldn’t be more excited!
Funny enough, the wedding is exactly 7 months from today!

Did you enjoy wedding planning or was it stressful? If you aren’t married, do you already know how you want your wedding to be?

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  1. that sounds like the most perfect honeymoon for you too!

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