I didn’t have much time to think about my race this morning and I kind of kept forgetting about it. I did lay out all my clothes last night though so I would be prepared in the morning. I woke up at 6:15 this morning and immediately made peanut butter toast and put on all of my gear. I realized last night that it was going to be COLD! Like really cold. I wore two pairs of pants, which wasn’t really necessary, but I felt fine because it was such a short race. I had on a tank top, a long sleeved shirt, a short sleeved shirt, and a zip up coat along with a hat and gloves. It was about 17° out and my feet were blocks of ice.

Anyway, to go back a little, our commute there was a little frustrating, only because we had to wait SOOO long for the trains in the subway. I tried to leave early enough so I wouldn’t have to rush when I actually got there. Thankfully we did get there with plenty of time to spare, but unfortunately it was terrible outside and I could not wait to start running. I love my fiance for supporting me and suffering in the cold just to watch me run : )  I waited until about 8:50 before I shed my coat, and my scarf, which was the hardest part. I hate standing around in the freezing cold and then having to undress to run.

And we were off! It was so nice to have my Garmin watch! I kept track of my pace the whole time and I felt very good about it. There was probably only one ‘major’ hill and it wasn’t all that bad. It was a great loop in Central Park and I was very excited to be running my first race in that location. It took up until mile two for my feet to feel normal again. I literally felt like I was running with blocks of ice for feet.   When it was all over I thought “Wow, that was the fastest race of my life!” It flew by and I couldn’t believe it was already over.

The waters at every station were half frozen and nobody wanted them, I took a cup at the last station and it was so cold! After the race I grabbed a chocolate chip bagel and a water and headed back to the subway with Derek. It was way to cold to hang around. I was hoping to meet up with Meghann, a blogger from Florida, but I didn’t see her anywhere! I’m not sure if there was a specific spot to meet up, but there were so many people there it would’ve taken way too long to find her. I hope you had a good race Meghann! Hopefully we can meet up at another point : )

Can you see me up there crossing the finish line?

It was a great race and I was so glad to see Derek at the finish line!

Oh yeah and my official time was 34:38

My Garmin said otherwise, but not by much. Here are my Garmin stats:

  • Distance: 4 Miles
  • Duration: 34:23
  • Pace: 8:36
  • Calories Burned: 406


  1. 8:41
  2. 8:31
  3. 8:54
  4. 8:14

It was so  nice to see the 8: in my pace as I was racing. My only goal was to come in under 36 minutes and after my first 2 miles I knew I was going to blow that away. I love racing, even when it’s fricken freezing!


  1. Nice job, Steph. Mark and I started a running program this week…it is an 8 week program–at the end you are running for 30 minutes straight. Maybe when you come back to NH to do a race we can run with you!!!

  2. Yes! I would love to run with you guys!

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