In the elevator, after leaving work to head home, a woman from the 4th floor got on and commented on my boot, “The boot of shame”, she said. I laughed and said she was right, she then she wished me well and left the building. She was absolutely right, and even though it’s funny to call it that, it made me think about how I’m usually embarrassed when I get an injury.

I don’t know if I am the only one like that, I assume not, but it’s hard to admit that you did something wrong and now you are injured. It makes you feel dumb and inexperienced, which isn’t always a bad thing since you learn from your mistakes, but it’s important to remember that everyone goes through these things; even the professionals.

With that said, I am REALLY hoping that the boot can be gone by July 20th! I have signed up for a class to become a certified run coach through RRCA. And I’m sure you can understand why I don’t want to arrive to the class with a boot on my foot due to a stress fracture šŸ™

It will now be referred to as #thebootofshame because I think it’s hilarious!

Day 3

Ā checkboxes

Day three was all about arms! I wanted to do a killer upper body workout and I think I succeeded. I threw in a few core moves as well in order to give my upper body a break in between moves.

This set x 3 with 10lb weights:

20 bicep curls

20 side bends on knees

20 tricep extensions

20 situps with weight

20 shoulder presses

20 bicycle crunches

20 dumbbell pullovers

20 V-Ups

20 chest flys

20 kneeling rows


Rockin’ the strappy. Even though I can’t run, you bet I’m still wearing all of my Oiselle gear. Rumor is that all Oiselle sports bras are back in stock in every size! Get ’em before they sell out!


  1. oh man ! you already have awesome arms! i cant wait to see how buff you get!

  2. If it helps, the RRCA coaching certification doesn’t do ANY actual running – you’ll just be sitting in a classroom. So don’t sweat if you are still in the boot then šŸ™‚
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