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I’m super excited to finally be running another relay! Lauren and I have been trying to plan a relay race for the past 2 years and it finally worked out this year. When I decided to back out of the Oiselle running camp/retreat, I found myself with a free weekend, but one I wanted to fill with something just as fun, but way less money. Lauren brought up the 100 on 100 relay when I told her I wasn’t going and I immediately said I WAS IN.

And it’s only a week away! Husband and I will be traveling up together, but he isn’t staying for the race. He weirdly enough has a bachelor party to go to on that same weekend in VT, so it works out really well.

I am Runner 5 and I will be running a total of 17.8 miles over ~12 hours and we have 6 people on our team. I have the second longest leg, but luckily 2 of my legs are pretty easy and are said to be “flat”, we’ll have to see what that means, considering it’s Vermont.


I only know Lauren and Evan, so I’m excited to make some new friends. Our team is made up of their relatives and Lauren’s friend from college. This is our team name and logo:


If you’re running too, watch out for us!

I’m spending an extra day in VT to hang out with #cheesebaby (and drink Heady Topper) and I cannot freaking wait!


It’s going to be a fun 4 day weekend!