I feel like I start every post with “wow, it’s been so long”, but this has probably been the longest stretch of time. I definitely considered quitting blogging altogether, it kind of seems pointless, you know? I think the reason I enjoy blogging though is because I genuinely enjoy writing and it really helps to get stuff out. I am no longer writing on any other sites, so writing kind of disappeared from my life all at once.

This is a running blog and I feel like I can finally talk about running because I am finally back to running again. After last year’s quad injury that led to another DNS of the New York City Marathon, I just felt completely defeated. I barely trained for the Rehoboth Half and then pretty much sat on my ass from January to April.

It felt like starting from scratch again, even though I could still technically run 4-6 miles. It’s been been tough coming back. I struggled with motivation every single day, and still do, but I feel like a runner again.

I spent most of May going to barre, yoga, and pilates classes. I needed something that would hold me accountable and signing up for these classes was exactly what I needed. If I canceled too late, I would be charged money, so I figured this would be a good way to get me back on the exercise wagon. It definitely helped, but after my 3 weeks of unlimited classes was up, I found myself with zero motivation once again.

June is where running finally picked up. I realized how little time I had before 100on100, which is the only race I’m signed up for this summer. I have about 16 miles total to run and running in Vermont is no joke. It was incredibly difficult last year and I have some work to do so I don’t end up killing myself while running the race.

I’ve spent the last 4 weeks building a base, running 14-20 miles a week and they’ve all been super easy miles between 10 and 10:30 average. It’s hot, I’m out of shape, and there’s no reason to push right now, I need to work on running regularly again. I’ve also been focusing on extending my long runs and will go up to 10 miles before the race. I have no desire to run long right now, 10 is plenty!

Anyway, to get to the point of why I decided to blog again is that I ran a race last night and I feel really good about it! I ran the Al Goldstein 5k that is held every other week in Prospect Park over the summer. I’m sad I didn’t take any photos, but it totally happened.

When I decided to run it a few weeks ago, I had a goal of just running a sub 27, which in the old days would be no problem at all, but I haven’t run 9 minute miles in a while, nevermind anything that started with an 8! I forgot my watch, which bummed me out, but whatever, it was only a 5k. I started off with Em, but I quickly lost her once we reach the one and only big hill in the race, which is 1/4 into the race, so we parted ways pretty early on. I decided to just give it my best, to push myself, but not kill myself.

It felt like a miracle race! It was just one of those races where everything clicked and I felt great! It was hard not knowing what mile I was in or how fast I was really running. I just kept telling myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other and I was happy to not feel burnt out quite yet.

My official finish time was 26:45, an 8:38 average pace. Technically I finished at 26:25, since it took me 20 seconds to cross the start, but they don’t account for that since there isn’t a mat at the starting line. Either way, an 8:3x pace makes me ecstatic. It has felt impossible to get back to where I once was and this gives me a little glimmer of hope.

I’m DEFINITELY going back in 2 weeks to race again!