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Did a weekend just happen? I am exhausted, but feel a huge sense of relief! Derek and I ended up driving up to NH in the middle of the night on Friday, so that we could drop my car off at my parents house. He works night shift, but was able to get out early, so we left at 1am and arrived at my sister’s house at 5am. Derek drove and I stayed awake the whole time. Luckily, it was pretty great timing and I had all of the Hood To Coast tweets to keep me entertained.

Saturday was rough sleep for both of us, but we managed to stay up till 1:30am playing games and drinking beer with my sis and brother in law. We had a few errands to run, but Saturday was mostly a nice day of doing nothing.

Sunday was RUN DAY!

Derek is currently training for his first half marathon, the Rehoboth Beach Half on December 7th! And, he’s probably just as excited as I am about it. He’s really into it and has been killing it on his runs. He’s starting from scratch since he’s never run before, but I’m already so proud of him!

So, Sunday was our “long” run day. He had 2 miles on the schedule, and I had 4-5. We decided to just run on my old high school track because it’s literally 2 minutes from my sister’s house. Sadly the track was paved over recently so it’s not a “real” track anymore, but it still did the trick.

I had flashbacks of suffering through the mile here back in high school. I probably almost puked and died running a 12:xx mile back in those days. Although, thi s workout felt just as hard, it was a teensy bit faster. 🙂


I have a hard time not doing speedwork on a track. Sooo, I decided to scratch the 5 miles because we were tight on time as it was and figured I would try and do 4×800 and just see what happened.

I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE. <— That’s what happened.

I wasn’t expecting much, but damn, I couldn’t even do more than two 800s, so after the 2, I did 1×400 and then a cool down mile for a total of 3.8 miles of misery.

1 w/u mile: 10:47

2 x 800: 4:00, 4:12

1 x 400: 1:56

1.05 c/d: 10:57

I know it’s been a very long time since I did any kind of speedwork, but reality hits hard when trying to get back into shape. Why am I so slow 🙁


Derek had a fabulous 2 miles. He also took some great pictures of me running and don’t let the smile fool you, I was dying on the inside. To be fair…it was noon, the track was unshaded, and it was probably 80 degrees out. Let’s hope my next “speed” session goes a little better.


We officially left Carmen at my parents house on Sunday. I handed my dad the key and said have fun. I don’t want to think about this car for a while.

Then we enjoyed a nice long bus ride back to NYC last night. I’m about ready to sleep for 14 hours. Goodnight!


  1. Beth @RxBethOnTheRun

    Umm, STOP being so hard on yourself. Your 800s are STILL faster than mine are. I think you did great for your first time back at speedwork. You’ll bounce back to your old speedy self in no time. Welcome back to running! We missed you so…….

  2. Way to go on getting to the track! Getting there for the first time is always the hardest. It’s tough and scary to really test your fitness like that. And don’t worry about being slower than before. You will bounce back quickly!
    Ashley @ This Is The Place recently posted…Recovery and the Way Ahead…A Look Back, A Look Forward and A (painful) Tune-Up Race.My Profile

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