As I already mentioned, I am planning on using Hansons Marathon Method for my upcoming training cycle. The scariest part about it is the fact that I will be running 6 days a week. I take marathon training seriously and I very much want to achieve a big PR at the NYC Marathon, and I think this is the training plan will make that happened.

The good news is that the 6 days a week thing doesn’t start until week 5 of my training plan and the first 5 weeks are ALL EASY RUNS. Like, I am not allowed to run faster than a 10 min/mi. pace. Okay then! The real training starts in week 6, so I’m looking forward to the first 5 weeks of base building.

I have never run more than 5 days a week before, but most of the runs will be super easy and slow and they will be used for recovery.

This is the general plan:

M: Recovery run

T: Speedwork

W: Rest

Th: Tempo @ MGP

F: Easy run

Sat: Easy run

Sun: Long run

I should request Wednesdays off from work for the rest of the summer, right?

I’ll be sharing my training week to week if you care to follow along and send me motivation because this plan ain’t gonna be easy.

12 days until training starts and I’m trying not to be nervous about it. I’m not scared of the running, I just hope I can keep myself motivated. I’m going to be running a lot and I just don’t want to get burnt out or injured. There isn’t much room in this plan for for adjustment, so I guess we’ll see what happens! I’m kind of looking at it as an experiment. It’s worked for so many and I am willing to put in the necessary work

I would love any advice from someone who has used Hansons before!

I am ridiculously happy for no reason today and I am feeling motivated to start running seriously again. This is a huge step for me, I’ve been feeling awful about everything over the past few months and I’m glad to feel better in time for training. I’m ready for running and training to take over my life (to an extent) and I always need a running buddy, so let me know if you want to run morning, noon, or night! It’s good to be back.

Have any good snack recommendations that would be good to keep in a desk? I gotta stock up because I’m sure I will be hungry all the time!

So, basically, if you want to hang out with me from now until November 2nd, you better start running! 😉

Lets do this.

PS. I recently binge watched the entire series of How I Met Your Mother, except for season 9!!! So, don’t spoil anything for me. I’ve heard it’s disappointing, but I still can’t wait to watch the final season.


  1. She’s back! I will run with you anytime you want. Obviously

  2. My first marathon I finished in 4:19 using Hal Higdon’s intermediate plan. I ran the same marathon one year later using Hanson in 3:36 (a BQ). I was exhausted for the most part of the training cycle and it took some serious dedication. I am fortunate that I have a flexible work schedule, otherwise I couldn’t have been able to follow the plan to the T. I don’t think I would want to use another marathon plan. I felt so strong during my race (and even the half marathon and two 10ks I ran during the training cycle) and never hit the wall. I wasn’t even that sore the week afterward.

    Also look at the Runivore’s review of the HMM. There are many comments on that particular post as well.

  3. You can do it!!

    While I’m not using Hanson’s, I’ve been running 6 days a week since November, with the exception of my post-race recovery weeks. Eventually you get into a groove and it just becomes second nature, especially when the days you are running are structured the same each week (which it seems like yours are). My rest days are Thursdays, so I run Friday – Wednesday… and I’m always thrilled by the time I finish my workout on Wednesday! But, believe it or not, I’m chomping at the bit to start again come Friday. Of course this was all while training for a half, so we’ll see if I still feel the same way once marathon training picks up 😉

    Excited for our future cat-run-beer date!
    Danielle recently posted…That Time I Raced a MileMy Profile

  4. Six days a week! I did six days last training cycle and it was challenging. Doable, but a huge commitment. This cycle is the same plan, but I’m having trouble getting my body to do the sixth right now. :/

    Anyway, I hope training goes amazingly for you!!
    Amelia recently posted…Erie Marathon training: week 3My Profile

  5. That is so exciting for you. I am looking forward starting my marathon training. I have a fantastic trainer and looks like I will also be running my butt off.

  6. I remember that HIMYM episode with the marathon 🙂 This made me smile.
    Good luck on your challenge.
    Rebecca Jo recently posted…ConfessionsMy Profile

  7. 6 days is a lot but you can do it! It’ll be key to keep those easy days easy but definitely doable. I’m going to be training for another matahnon (dec) soon and I plan to run 5 says but add a zone 2 spin once a week at least for the extra cardio.

    Looking forward to following along! We will both be in the same boat come fall!
    Nicole recently posted…Open Water Swim FearsMy Profile

  8. Excited to see how your training goes! I think the important thing is to listen to your body and take the easy days very easy. I’ve never run 6 days a week for any extended period of time, but I’ve heard great things about this training program. Good luck!!

  9. woohoo! never used hansons but can’t wait to follow along. snacks I live off of: bananas, almonds, picky bars, lara bars, and about to start roasting chick peas to change it up. if you have a fridge- greek yogurt w/fruit and honey or apple with nut butter. i eat a lot. 😉
    elizabeth recently posted…NYCM Training Week 2My Profile

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