I’ve been thinking about my goals for this race before I even started training.

When I made the decision to not run the NYC Marathon, I was hanging out with Beth and I said, “well, I better freaking PR the shit out of the Rehoboth Half then”.

Well…that’s not going to happen and I am completely fine with it. My training didn’t go perfectly, but it went pretty damn well. I had a few setbacks due to my foot, but I also had some really strong runs along the way. Day 1 was spent running 1 mile, then I completed a 30 mile week 16 weeks later.

Honestly, it’s crazy to look back on my training and realize it’s all over. It’s been 18 weeks since I’ve been cleared to run. It feels like just yesterday I was wearing the boot of shame and sweating to death in 90 degree weather.

IMG_3199.jpgMe and Em from last year.

The races are reversed this year, half for me, full for her!

Anyway, the day is here and I’m so excited to spend the weekend with some of my absolute favorite people. Derek, Em, Nick, and I will be driving down Friday and we will be spending the weekend running and drinking a ton of Dogfish Head beer! I am also super psyched to see Elizabeth and Jess, and to also meet Katie!

Before I get into my goals, which I know is the point of this post, I have to say that I am completely unsure of what I am capable of right now. I definitely don’t feel confident that I will PR, but I’m not sure what will be pushing it, I just feel like I’m going into this race blind.


A: Sub 1:55 (8:45 avg.)

B: Sub 2 (9:09 avg.)

C: Have a strong race and then drink lots of beer!

A+ Goals:

I think I care more about Em and Derek’s races than mine. Em is running her first marathon and she is so ready. I just want her to have a great race! Derek has had a really rough training cycle. His knee was bothering him, now it’s feeling much better, but now his foot hurts. He’s most likely running on Saturday, and I just want him to have a successful race.

I will be extremely happy with my A or B goals. Either one will be a great jumping off point for my goal Spring Half. This training cycle has gotten me back in shape and it has built up my base, so either way this race will be a good way to see where I am at.

It’s hard to tell if I am being too ambitious or not ambitious enough! How do you figure out your goals? Is it based on your training and do they change from the beginning to the end of your training?


  1. Hey, I remembered you commented on my Rehoboth blog last year and checked to see if you’re running again this year — glad to see you’re coming back! Good luck with your goals! I’m also doing the half after a crappy training cycle thanks to foot problems, so I’m more excited for some friends’ races too.

    Our group with the tiaras is coming back this year, along with about 25 other runners who read our race reports, saw what a good time we had and wanted to run this one too. Maybe we’ll see you at Dogfish Head Saturday night! I think our group has some space set aside upstairs.

    • Hi Abby!!

      Thanks for checking up! Glad to see you are running as well 🙂 Hope to see you on the course or at Dogfish Head! Good luck and have a great weekend!

  2. I am beyond jealous of the fun that you all are going to have this weekend!!! You will do great! Be confident and most importantly enjoy it!! xo
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  3. Good luck this weekend!! I’m so excited for you AND for Derek! I’m really sorry that he has had a rough training cycle, but I can’t wait to hear how his first half marathon goes. Hoping he gets through without pain.

    And in terms of your race, I say just go out there and see what you can do. Don’t put too much pressure on it. Like you said, this cycle has helped you build your base back up, so at the very least, use this as a starting point for any spring training. I really do think you’re going to surprise yourself, though. Even after an imperfect training cycle…you’ve been looking forward to this race for so long and that adrenaline counts for something! Have a great weekend and drink a beer (or three!) for me!!
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  4. EEEEEE!!! so excited!! back to your previous posts (trying to comment once to avoid many emails). I hear ya on the sleep. My body hasn’t let me sleep more than 7-8 hours lately and I used to sleep much more than that. apparently I am getting old.

    congrats on the PR!!! how cool your dad is into crossfit and running now, too? I love that.

    You may smoke me in this race…but would love to start with you (posting my goals in the morning). And apparently everyone goes to dogfish head? I hope it’s huge. 🙂 OMG see ya in 2 DAYS!
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  5. Good luck this weekend! You have been crushing your training cycle. I’m sure you will kick butt. I would use your tempo runs as a guide. I like to do tempos at/about race pace, so that should be a pretty good starting point, right? But don’t worry too much about it. You’re an experienced runner, so find a pace that feels sustainable and go with it.

    But I totally understand the confusion. I am just starting to run again and I want to enter a spring marathon, but I have no idea what a reasonable time goal is. Eeek!
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