It is 9:50 pm and I am exhausted and so ready for bed! We had a pizza party at work today because it was somebody’s birthday, apparently there are always pizza parties and everyone’s birthday gets celebrated. The pizza was excellent though and I really enjoyed it. It was from a place called Patsy’s Pizzeria and it was different than any other pizza I’ve ever had. I had a slice of the sausage and a mushroom. I also talked some more to the ‘runners’ at work and it makes me so excited to have running friends that I work with. We were discussing training schedules and indoor and outdoor running. It was  good time, I am excited to run a race with them sometime soon.

After work I set out to Filene’s Basement to find a yoga mat, but I didn’t have much luck. There were some there, but I wasn’t interested in any of them. I want one that is a pretty color! I did however find this awesome dress that I am in love with, but did not buy because I shouldn’t spend any money. But, I tried it on and admired it for many many minutes. I was considering buying it for a long time, but in the end I knew I should save my money : (

Isn’t this dress amazing? I love it and I need it. It was $60 though so I really couldn’t justify the purchase. I definitely would’ve bought it if it was only like $20, ha!

Excuse my awkward smile…maybe I will stumble up this dress another day, but for now it will have to wait : (

After that I came home and did some intense strength training for about 45 minutes, it felt great! I feel like I haven’t gotten a good ST workout in in a long time.

PS. I started The Time Traveler’s Wife today, it’s really confusing, but I already love it!



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  1. oh i love that dress! i commend your ability to not buy it. i hope you like time traveler’s, it’s one of my favorite books. also, since you like the movie rebecca so much, i’ll let you borrow my book (it’s even better).

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