What happens when you don’t eat and hydrate well even 2 days before a race? You feel like crap the morning of the race! Ugh, I went to bed last night with a tummy ache and I woke up feeling pretty much the same. I got around, forced half a bagel with peanut butter down my throat and headed out the door around 7am. I’ve started races before with an unsettled stomach, but it usually starts to feel better after the start of the race.


The first 2 miles of the race were okay, my legs felt pretty good and mentally I was also feeling pretty good. It’s nice to run a 4 mile race when your last one was a half marathon. Around mile 2.5 is where I was really starting to feel worse. My stomach was just not doing well, at all. I was trying my hardest to ignore it, but there were actually a couple points towards the end where I thought I might actually puke.

Surprisingly I was still running pretty fast even though I was having major stomach issues. Now, I wasn’t going into this race attempting to PR, but lets face it, there is a part of me that is currently eager to PR in any race distance. My PR for a 4 mile race is 34:38, which equals a 8:39 average pace. What am I getting at? If I wasn’t having stomach issues during this race, I feel confident that I DEFINITELY would have PR’ed this morning! Ugh! Okay, I’m not really that bummed, but it was a little frustrating.

I was planning on running another 6 miles after the race with Adriana so that we could complete our 10 for the day, but my stomach was just not feeling it. We separated at the end and I slowly crawled home.

Official Time: 34:46

Mile 1: 8:45

MIle 2: 8:30

Mile 3: 8:51

Mile 4: 8:24

I came home, drank some seltzer water and went back to bed for an hour. I felt so much better when I got up! It still wasn’t even noon by the time I got up the second time. I made myself a coffee and the other half of my bagel and watched a bunch of episodes of Weeds, while lounging on the couch.

I eventually got out there for those 6 other miles and I am so glad I did because they turned out great! It’s beautiful outside today and I was feeling very light on my feet and I finished the 6 in just under 55 minutes.

Mile 5: 9:04

Mile 6: 9:01

Mile 7: 9:08

Mile 8: 9:18

Mile 9: 9:17

Mile 10: 9:08

Even though I didn’t have the best race this morning, it made me realize that I am getting faster over all. I haven’t seen so many 8’s in such a long time! Probably since before I hurt my foot/leg last June.

I’ve got the apartment to myself today and I love it! Now back to watching some more Weeds!

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  1. uhm please give me more updates on your life. thanks!!!

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