I spent all day Saturday making sure I was properly fueled and rested. I drank a ton of water to keep hydrated and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a Leng Thai. This was a new restaurant for us and I must say, it surely impressed us all. I got the Cee Yew, which was highly recommended by many Yelpers. On our way home, we stopped for some ice cream from Cold Stone, I got mint ice cream mixed with Oreo cookies. It was good, but it wasn’t as good as coffee ice cream mixed with Oreos!

The race didn’t start until 11:15! In my opinion, it was a great starting time. That is around the time I usually run on the weekends. There was a 1.7 mile walk and a four mile race also going on before the 15K, hence the later start time. I was slightly nervous about achieving my goal for this race. I mentioned here that I wanted to run it in 1:25. My speed has been increasing lately, but not by that much.
It was freezing when I left the house, but it warmed up A LOT by the time we crossed the starting line. I met up with my friend Adriana from work, but we split up because she is super speedy and was in the 1,000 corral!
I took one mile at a time. I was aiming for around a 9:10 average per mile. The first mile was a little tough just because I wasn’t warmed up yet, but I was feeling really good by mile 3. I broke the race down into 3 segments and stayed as focused as possible. I was running way faster than I ever expected to, but not in a bad way. I was actually on pace and was averaging good 9 minute miles. My playlist was awesome and it really pushed me and kept me focused.
I kept surprising myself after every mile, I couldn’t believe I had a couple 8:50 splits in there! I wasn’t slowing down because I knew I still had enough steam in me to keep going at that pace. I didn’t really start to hurt until mile 7-8, that’s when I was starting to break my focus and my speed. I got one last wind around mile 8.5 and I gave it everything I had and pushed my way to the finish line. I made sure my iPod was playing Deadly Sinners as I crossed the finish line.


This was one of my best races yet! I forgot what it was like to run an amazing race. My focus, my speed, and my playlist is what made this race so awesome. This was the first time I listened to music during a race. It’s also nice to have a friend there racing with you! I’m so glad Adriana loves to run as many races as I do, she finished in 1:15, that’s an average of 8 minute miles! I told you she was speedy. 😀

Here are my stats:

Official Chip Time: 1:24:39

Garmin Stats

Time: 1:24:39

Distance: 9.35 Miles


  1. 9:14
  2. 8:50
  3. 9:08
  4. 8:55
  5. 9:00
  6. 9:12
  7. 9:07
  8. 9:18
  9. 8:56

.35   2:55 (8:20 pace)

After the race, Mali, Derek, Dave and I went to Lenny’s to grab some lunch, where I got what I always get. A grilled cheese on a hero with tomatoes and sprouts. It was delicious, but I was hungry again 2 hours later.


After Lenny’s we went to B&H to grab a couple things for Dave and then headed over to Timberland to use our ahhhmaaaazing 55% off coupon, given to us by the lovely Erin who works at Timberland. I bought a pair of these shoes and I love them! I want the other pair in white now 🙂


More Magazine Women’s Half Marathon this weekend! Not trying to PR, but hoping for another fantastic race!

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