I am trying to make a conscious effort this year to make sure I write a recap for every single race I run, so with that said, I’m sorry this is late, but it’s still going up even though the race was almost 2 weeks ago.

I went to bed super late the night before. I had my book club meeting and then stayed up late watching Blue Valentine with said book club friends. Since the race was in Brooklyn, I conveniently stayed over my friend Jamie’s house the night before, which saved me from a lot of hassle trying to get from Queens to Brooklyn on the weekend.

I woke up before my alarm even went off! The race started at 10am, which seemed so late compared to the usual race start of 8am. I had so much time especially since I was already in Brooklyn.


I woke up to a beautiful day! I walked the 15 minutes or so to the park and arrived at 9:30. I’m sorry, but the hats they gave out for this race as the ‘souvenir’ were hideous. I was surprised people were actually wearing them. First of all, it would never fit my tiny head, second of all, it was just plain ugly. I couldn’t stop making fun of it all weekend. Better luck next year PPTC.


Also, can I just say, I had no idea how beautiful Prospect Park is! I’ve been here a handful of times, but I’ve never actually explored and even in the “winter” the lake is nice to look at.


Unfortunately I do not remember this race mile by mile, although I’m sure that’s better for you. It was 3 loops of Prospect Park and as you can imagine each loop was a little bit tougher than the last. I ran this race one other time; 2 years ago. I finished in 91:17, I believe. I was hoping to PR, but I knew it would be close.

I felt pretty great for most of the race, Prospect Park is a breeze in comparison to Central Park. PP has one big hill and it’s grueling only because it’s a long one. I stayed on pace for almost every mile, under 9 min/miles mostly. The beginning and end of the loop were the easiest parts.

The only time I felt like I was suffering was during the hill on the third time around. It was all a mental game, but I continued on and didn’t stop and walk once.


I finished with a shiny new PR!!! I was pumped to say the least. Two PR’s in a row? Yes, please! Let’s go ahead and make it 3 at the Rock N Roll DC Half.


The course came up a bit short according to my Garmin. But, here are my official results and splits:

Time: 1:29:03 (PR-ed by over 2 minutes!)

Distance: 9.96 miles

Average Pace: 8:55

1. 8:54

2. 8:59

3. 8:51

4. 8:31

5. 8:58

6. 9:08

7. 8:36

8. 9:00

9. 9:35

10 (or .96). 8:27

After the race, I left with a huge smile and headed to brunch with my friends Dave and Jamie. Jamie brought us to this place called Bar Tano in Park Slope. We ordered these homemade chips and man, were they good! They came with this mustard-y dipping sauce and they were just perfect.


I ordered the Eggs di Parma, which was served over flat bread with prosciutto, fontina cheese, and fresh basil with a side of potato-ey, and tomato-ey home fries. Everything was amazing. Seriously, it tasted so fresh and I was very impressed. It seems like it’s located in a weird area, but I definitely recommend this place! Hopefully I will make it back one day!



  1. those eggs look awesome

  2. Hmm…that brunch looks delish. Have you checked out Rose Water Restaurant near there, too? You won’t be disappointed!

  3. The hats got “mixed reviews”. Any suggestions for an unsized item for next year.

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