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I posted this on Instagram. 2 beer glasses for 2 NYC Marathons I did not run. I will for sure be buying another one this year, but that will be the lucky one that I get to run!

Ahh, the first week of training is done! I ended up running more than I had scheduled, which was fine since it’s the first week, but I won’t be doing it again, I plan on sticking to my plan as closely as possible.

Again, the first 5 weeks are all easy runs, so nothing too worthy of reporting. I need to remember to focus on stretching and foam rolling, I always stupidly skip it whenever I’m in the beginning of a new plan.

Here’s how the first week went down.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5 miles easy

Wednesday: 4 miles easy

The very first 2 runs of my plan were done on the treadmill (womp, womp), but it was awful outside, like over 85 degrees and very humid, so it seemed necessary.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4 miles easy with Em


Woke up early-ish, instead of sleeping in on my day off and ran with Em and took care of this adorable cat, his name is Duck. Our friends were away in Maine for the holiday weekend, so we gladly accepted the responsibility. 

Saturday: 7 miles easy with GB


It was beautiful in Central Park on Saturday morning and GB and I had a great run together. I originally had 5 on my schedule, but GB and I did about 6 miles together + my cat sitting commute.

Sunday: 7.3 miles easy with Carla

Up early again to head down to Brooklyn, so I could meet up with Carla for a run. We did a loop of Prospect Park and then headed towards Smorgasburg. Again, we underestimated how long it was to Smorgasburg, so we ended up running 6 miles + my commute to cat sitting. I was originally supposed to run 6.

Smorgasburg was amazing though. I was too hungry to take any pictures, but I had a coconut doughnut from Dough, a fish taco, and a maple lemonade. Can’t wait to go back!

One of the BEST doughnuts I have ever had!!! I can’t stop thinking about it.

Stolen from their website.

Total: 27.3 miles

I will note that these first 5 weeks of training are different than what is on the Hansons schedule. The total mileage for the first 5 weeks was super low and then it suddenly jumps to 39, but they do suggest if you are already running more base mileage, just to keep doing what you’re doing. So, therefore, I kind of made up my own schedule for these first few weeks, in order for me to carefully build up to that 39 mile mark where the “real” training begins.

Hope everyone had an awesome long weekend!


  1. Awesome first week, my friend! And awesome choice of Smorgasburg snacks! Can’t wait to run together soon!
    Kim recently posted…Week in Workouts 4My Profile

  2. Regular runs to Smorgasburg sound like a good way to ensure that we try everything there, yes?

  3. yay for the first week! i’m running nyc too.
    Kristin recently posted…THE 4thMy Profile

  4. YIPPEE! We can’t wait to cheer for you at the base of the Queensboro!!! Henry will have a special race day outfit to lift the spirits of runners before embarking on that bridge….which you own. Remember that. Astorians OWN the Queensboro! 😉
    kristin miller recently posted…Embracing Seasons of RestMy Profile

  5. omg that donut. and YES!! I look forward to us both being at the start line this year! nice week!
    elizabeth recently posted…NYCM Training Week 4My Profile

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