I ran the NYC Half Marathon too! It just wasn’t a magical day for me, like it was for almost everyone else. Serious congrats to everyone who PR’ed and ran a fantastic race!

My life has been sort of crazy over the past few weeks. After settling back into a somewhat normal routine after the long weekend in New Hampshire, Derek got sick. Well, sick seems like the wrong word to use, but I did have to bring him to the emergency room last weekend, the night of the NYC Half. He’s been in crazy pain and although nothing internally is wrong, we (including doctors) are pretty sure he has either a very bad muscle strain, a pinched nerve, or a herniated disc. Nothing can be diagnosed until an MRI is done, but hello no insurance! Yeah, so, for now, pain killers are the way to go.

Anyway, back to the NYC Half. This race was never a big goal race, I was always planning on running it to see where I was at. I definitely wanted to race it and if a PR happened, then that’s amazing and if not, no big deal.

Em and I got to the start way too freaking early, but we were nervous about the trains and all the threats of the baggage and corrals closing down WICKED EARLY, so, we ended up freezing our asses off for more than an hour, what a wonderful way to start. I also ate my bagel and PB too early and was hungry again by the time the race actually started. FAIL.



I did a 1 mile warmup with Adriana before the race began and then we jumped into our respective corrals at about 6:55. My whole body was frozen once we started. I had a throwaway sweatshirt on, that I got rid of after the first mile. I was starting to warm up and feel a bit better by mile 3, but the Central Park hills had barely even started at that point and I was just hoping to feel better the more I ran because I really wasn’t feeling as good as I was hoping to at that point.


Miles 4 – 6 were pretty brutal and full of so many damn hills, which you’d think I would be more used to by now. My legs felt so heavy and slow and I kept repeating to myself that my legs were as light as a feather. It didn’t work much, but I knew there was hope once we got out of park, it’s supposed to be all downhill from there, right? I took a Gu at mile 6, the one and only one I was planning on taking. nychalf2013

I found the crowds on 7th ave pretty weak! It also seemed so dark and dismal, I don’t know, maybe it was my sunglasses and my overall look on life that day, but Times Square wasn’t as amazing as I remember it being. Right before mile 7, I saw Beth and Abby and I knew they were coming up, so I wanted to look strong for them! Their smiles and cheers picked me up a bit, but I knew things were not looking great for the rest of the race.


Before mile 8 hit, I just felt so drained, so weak, I really didn’t understand what was going on. I felt like I was fighting the whole race, never once did I feel good and warmed up. They handed out Gu at mile 8 and clearly I needed something, so I took one of theirs and ate it immediately. My body was not feeling this run, I just wanted to be done so badly. At this point, I ate 2 packets of Gu in a matter of 2 1/2 miles, which is very unusual for me. I clearly needed the fuel, but it wasn’t enough to give me that extra bump I so badly needed for the rest of the race.

Miles 9-13.1; the West Side Highway was brutal. So freaking long and boring. I took it one mile at a time and was fighting as hard as I could to still finish with a decent time. I saw my friend, Kristin around the 12 mile mark and that gave me a boost of energy to get through the last mile. The tunnel at the end kind of freaked me out because of how weak I felt. It made me feel very claustrophobic and I was just focusing on getting the hell out of there. It last so long and I felt like I would get stuck if I didn’t hurry up and get out.

My body didn’t have much to give that day, but I seriously gave it everything I had. My watch told me I ran 13.45 miles, I’m really good at running the tangents.

Official Stats

Time: 1:55:19

Avg. Pace: 8:47

  1. 8:48
  2. 8:42
  3. 8:22
  4. 8:41
  5. 8:44
  6. 8:18
  7. 8:28
  8. 7:40 <– Wrong, through Times Sq.
  9. 8:31
  10. 8:54
  11. 8:55
  12. 8:12
  13. 8:59


I’m happy with my time, for sure! It’s a solid pace for me, but I am really unhappy with how I felt during the race. Clearly, I didn’t prepare properly and my body just wasn’t up for racing that day.

The Eugene Half is my goal half for the season and I’m really looking forward to it!

I ate the most amazing brunch after, at a place called Corner Shop Cafe in the East Village. Go there.


  Eggs Benedict with Grits on top of a Bacon Waffle


Me, Em, and Adriana


  1. Timewise, NYC wasn’t my best race either, but I enjoyed the experience more this year since there were so many familiar faces in the crowds. My time was pretty close to yours, so it’s too bad we weren’t able to run together!

  2. you did really well for struggling! I’m sorry you didn’t feel ewll. just means a fabulous eugene for you 🙂 and that brunch looks AMAZING.

  3. I thought the course felt really tough, too! I definitely felt like I was fighting the whole way, but I was still happy with the race overall.

  4. Remember when you were trying to break Sub-2!!! Look how far you have come!! Even struggling, you ran a 1:55! That’s pretty awesome.

  5. HAHA. Glad I am not the only one who thought that 7th Ave was not impressive. It’s not like it was packed with fans cheering…parts of it were kind of depressing!
    Anyways, you ran a great race – I know it’s not a PR (or close) but it’s a tough course and it was in the middle of your training!!
    Let the countdown to Eugene begin! =) xo

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