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I suppose this is how most people must feel after they have a baby! Although, I’m sure it’s way more dramatic and shocking than just getting a new job and a new schedule. So, maybe I’m just being a baby about it, but after my schedule dramatically changing, it seems that I don’t adjust to change that well.

I’m learning to love it though, I’m finding there are so many more pros than cons about this new schedule and new job. And I feel like it’s going to be so much better in the Spring and Summer. Everybody hates you, winter, go away!

Anyway, as of right now, I’ve slowed my job search dramatically. I’m going to be working about 30 hours at my current place, the beer and cheese shop, starting in March and I am actually really excited about it. It’s going to be a bit tough making ends meet, especially since husband and I now have to pay $700/month for health insurance, thanks to the lovely Affordable Care Act. But, I’m not here to complain today, so lets not talk about that! 😉

It only hit me yesterday, but I’m actually saving a lot of money now, thanks to only working 2 blocks away and to having a non traditional schedule.

Here is what my monthly expenditures used to look like on a regular basis:

  • MetroCard: $112
  • Lunch: $160 – $180
  • Coffee: $40
  • Alcohol/Going out: $80
  • Online shopping: $60

Total: $392

Some of those figures are pretty spot on, some are a rough estimate. I definitely ate lunch out a lot at my old job, I feel like this is kind of the NYC way, unfortunately. Coffee? Duh. The alcohol/going out part doesn’t have much to do with my old job, but I do go out way less right now, since I don’t have miserable coworkers to commiserate with. And now my beer is all 50% off, so that definitely works out in my favor. And within the last few months of my old job, I sort of picked up an online shopping addiction. It was just so slow at work and I stared at a computer all day, so obviously what else is there to do?

Those figures now?

MetroCard: Currently < $20/month. I work 2 blocks away, therefore don’t use it every day. I barely go into Manhattan and it’s been an awesome change of pace. I’m sure this might change once the nice weather comes around, but for now, it’s been nice staying local.

Lunch: $20 – $30 I go out with friends for a lunch date occasionally. I eat lunch at home now or eat free at work.

Coffee: $5, maybe? I rarely buy coffee anymore. I make it at home in my (new) french press.


Alcohol/Going out: $80 Okay, so this is basically the same. Only because we can have tabs at work and it’s really hard not to leave with bottles of beer, bread, food, etc. every day. We pay them every week or so, so it definitely adds up. Can definitely cut back on this!

Online shopping: $0! Definitely can’t afford this at the moment. I can’t wait to buy my next piece of Oiselle clothing though! There’s so many awesome new things.

New Total: $135

A savings of $257! So, while I’m making less money and working less overall, I suppose it almost evens out.

Other perks?

– More free time. Most days I don’t work till 6pm, so I have all day to do whatever I need/want to. I’m mostly excited for the summer time, when I can go to the park and relax, and to just be outside in general during the peak hours of the day. Mostly I’ve been spending my time inside, I really hate winter and I’m a hermit for the most part.

– Not taking the subway!!! Not taking the subway. Not taking the subway! Pretty much the best perk ever.

– Not staring at a computer for 8 hours a day. This is the first time I’ve sat at my computer in almost 2 months. Granted, I do stare at my phone and ipad a lot, but not having to use a computer for work is glorious!

– Standing! I also stand all day at my job, which can be tiring, but I’m ready to not be sitting all day, so it’s a nice change. It also means that I don’t freeze to death at my job. I move around a lot and sometimes I get hot. I get hot!! Not normal for me at all.

Things are getting better mentally and physically for me and I’m just trying to make it through this awful season 1 day at a time. I can’t wait to feel like a whole new person on that first 60 – 70 degree day! Seriously, cannot freaking wait!!!


Hibernating until the spring!


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  1. I feel the exact same way about winter. It has finally started to melt a bit here, and the first run where it was above 30ºF I just felt like a whole new person/runner. I will be happy if I never see a treadmill again. This winter has been brutal.

    Also as a side note, I just can’t imagine paying $700/month for health care. That’s more than half of what I pay in rent. Actually with the exchange rate… it is probably pretty close to what I pay for rent. Crazy!
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