Last weekend Derek and I traveled back to NH so that I could go bridesmaid dress shopping with my lovely bridesmaids. Kelly came up for the ride too and stayed with us over the weekend.

A Great Harvest opened up in Nashua recently and I have been dying to go, so we hit them up for breakfast early Saturday morning. None of their bread was ready yet, but I bought a bunch of pastries to try.

As soon as we walked in, we were offered lots of delicious samples. I tried the peach savannah bar and it was delicious, so I ended up buying one. I also got a cinnamon bun, and a chocolate pumpkin muffin. I brought these back to Derek so he could have a variety to choose from, but it ends up that he didn’t want any of them. 🙁 I ate a piece of the savanna bar and half of the cinnamon roll for breakfast. Everything got eaten eventually though.

My sister, Kelly and I arrived at Modern Bride & Formal at noon and there we met up with my mom, my other sister, Gina and Derek’s mom and Derek’s sister, Marissa. We all scoured the bridesmaid dresses and we each picked a bunch that we liked.




We tried on a bunch and then we all agreed that this last one was the best. Everyone said it was super comfortable and they liked the material. We got the dress pictured right above in a solid color Espresso, so there won’t be different colored piece in the middle.


Here is my adorable flower girl! Her name is Katie and she is my sister Gina’s daughter. I will probably be ordering her dress online, there are a ton of flower girl shops that sell dresses for $40 – $60. Flower girl dresses at Modern bride were well over $100! I’m sorry, but it’s not worth spending that kind of money on a dress that she will grow out of in a month.

While we were here, I figured I would ask to see my dress so I could try it on and show everyone. They brought it out and my heart started pounding because IT WAS NOT MY DRESS! Um, there must be a mistake…the girl brought it over to me and I said uh, that’s not my dress. She was completely thrown off and then went in the back to see if she could find the right dress. I was starting to freak out a little bit. During this time, everyone else was getting fitted for their dresses and I was trying not to have a meltdown.

Eventually a woman came up to me and started questioning me about my dress an asking me if I had any pictures of my correct dress. I was able to pull up a picture on Kelly’s iPhone and show it to her. She found the correct dress in a book she pulled up and I said yes, that is the dress I ordered. The woman ‘helping’ me was a huge biotch and was extremely rude. She basically said she had to do some investigating, check the security cameras and she would call me next week. I said, well you know, you’re making me feel like this is my fault and then she walked away.

Uhhh…I don’t think so! I wasn’t going to leave there feeling like that. First of all I wanted to punch that lady in the mouth, second of all, you ordered my wrong freakin dress! I ended up talking to the owner or manager of the store and he was fortunately a lot nicer and way more accommodating. I let him know how I felt and I wasn’t going to leave there feeling like this.

He felt bad and said he has never ordered the wrong dress before. He told me he would do whatever he could to get my dress in time, even if he had to have it rushed, he would do it. Thank you…that’s all I wanted to hear. I wasn’t going to be charged anything extra either and I made sure of that.

This is the short story, but basically after a minor panic attack and my entourage there to back me, I left there feeling a lot more satisfied than I did 10 minutes earlier.

Here are my bridesmaids! All, but 1 was able to make it, we are missing Laura here. Laura, you were missed that day!

Here is Derek’s mom on the left and my mom on the right. I’m glad it was a successful day overall, it was fun and we found an awesome dress. I am very happy with what we chose and it was pretty inexpensive comparatively.

Okay so it wasn’t much of a bridezilla moment, but I am a pretty laid back person, so I don’t generally get worked up over minor things. I just want to keep the wedding as simple as possible.

My dress should be arriving in about 2 weeks.



  1. “i wanted to punch her in the mouth”

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