I ran the Mini 10K on Saturday, but that isn’t all that I did last week and a huge reason why this race turned out not to be much of a race for me.

This might not seem a lot for some people (or most of you), but I haven’t done any speedwork or strength training in a few months, so I am definitely feeling the effects of it.

Tuesday: Upper/Lower ST

Wednesday: Week 2 of the Al Goldstein 5K series, in which I knocked off a good 12 seconds from 2 weeks before.

Thursday: NYSC Hell UXF Class

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Mini 10k

Okay, so yeah this doesn’t seem like anything know that I look back on it, but my body was INCREDIBLY SORE from that UXF class on Thursday. Seriously, I was really sore up until today and even still my arms are still a bit stiff and sore. But, more on this class later…I’m taking class #2 tomorrow, so I’m sure I will have more to say about it after another intense session.

Back to the “race”. I thought I had it in me to PR, a simple 8:45 pace average, or so I thought. I started off around the 9 minute range and was hoping to pick it up in the second half. I enjoyed running up Central Park West for a mile or so, it was a nice change and mostly flat. I even did okay over Harlem Hill, but it was mile 4 that really killed me and destroyed my mentality for the rest of the race. I was certainly struggling physically as well!

I came back a bit in the 5th mile and even though I knew there would be no PR, I still didn’t want to have a crappy (for me) time. I’ve been doing great with finishing races strong lately, but this was just a disaster. I felt so discouraged and out of shape!

Afterwards, I reflected for a bit and realized that I definitely should not have expected a PR today, was I crazy? Apparently.

Not only did I have an intense week of exercise, but that combined with doing things every night after work last week and getting minimal sleep has left me exhausted. I’m still exhausted, I don’t feel like I’ve caught up on anything.

Also, looking back on my splits, they don’t seem all that bad, I mean, I would be more than happy with them if this was just a training run. I finished in 57:35 and somehow ended up running 6.32 miles. Did the course come out THAT long to others as well?

So, yeah, it wasn’t the best race, I was disappointed in the end, but then I smartened up and realized I’ve been working hard and should be proud (and that I kind of hate 10Ks). Only 3 more weeks until marathon training officially starts!

*Sidenote: I am pumped for the Olympics to start! If you have cable, I am coming over to watch! Anyone having an Olympics party?

What’s your 10k PR? Do you like racing 10ks?


  1. That course felt super long!! Maybe because I was also super tired and hot.

    You can definitely come over and watch the Olympics anytime at my apartment. I will be there 24/7 once the Olympics start.

  2. im getting reallly fed up with you being so hard on yourself. THAT IS AN INTENSE WEEK! you are insane! stay strong lady jane! enjoy running!

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