I know some of you (mainly non-runners) may find this hard to believe, but I am so freaking excited for marathon training to begin! I’m not sure if it’s the hype around the NYC Marathon, or just the fact that I finally feel like I’ve gotten my running groove back and I can’t wait to crush my first marathon time, but the excitement is there and I am so ready to commit.

Since, I know it’s going to be tough to fit in strength training or cross training in general once training begins, I am trying to fit in a bunch right now. I’m working on finding a good routine to stick to for the next couple months, in hopes of building up a good base of mileage and strength.

When NYSC offered me to try out 2 of their new classes, I jumped at the chance! Starting on June 4th, I will be taking the UXF class twice a week for 4 weeks.

UXF (Ultimate Fitness Experience

Description:  Burn calories. Build strength. Big results fast. What happens when you combine personal training with team motivation? You get in the best shape of your life with the UXF ultimate fitness experience. This eight session, cross-training workout blends strength training and cardio conditioning to improve your flexibility, agility, strength and endurance. Equipment such as TRX, kettlebells, ropes and bars are mixed with plyometric exercises to create a balanced circuit where you progress at your own pace. UXF is your one-stop shop for a total-body workout. Nonmembers welcome.

Locations available: every New York Sports Clubs location offer classes (check out the website for class days and times).

Sounds intense, right? I’m glad that it’s twice a week, it’s easier to get into something the more often you go. After this class is over, I am lucky enough to also be able to try out their new vBarre class once a week for 8 weeks.



Description: Vbarre transcends the typical ballet barre exercise class by blending ballet, Pilates and resistance training into a calorie-burning workout. The result is a lean and sculpted body in minimal time. Choreographed movements using a ballet barre, light weights and a glide board are set to motivating music.

I’ve never taken any kind of barre class, so I’m not sure what to expect, but I am definitely excited.

I am taking the UXF class in Astoria and the vBarre class on 36th street in Manhattan. Both classes retail at about $350! I would never be able to afford these otherwise, so I am super grateful and pumped to have the opportunity to try them out.

And guess what? You do too!!!

Yep, today I am giving away 1 session of UXF classes! That’s a total of 8 classes in 4 weeks, starting on June 4th. The classes are available at all NYSC locations. Check here to see if there is one near you.

To enter, just leave a comment telling me why you want to cross train more.

I will randomly select a winner Saturday morning, May 26th at noon. Good luck!


*This giveaway is just for the UXF class. I will also be giving away a session of vBarre classes in a couple weeks, so stay tuned



  1. i wish i lived in NYC, that sounds fun! ps didnt get the viacom NYC job. BOO!

  2. I want to cross train more because I see results!!! I did Pilates twice a week in January and February and it was so beneficial…then work got crazy! I want to get back at it!!!

  3. I want to cross train more for many of the same reasons as you – get in great shape before intense training season comes along! I know my strength has been lacking and I need some ideas/advice/support to do it at least twice a week (ideally, three!). Would love to try UXF at one of the three NYSC’s near me! Thanks for the details on these two classes. I have a friend who just started small group training at NYSC and really loves it. Seems like these classes are short but intense, which sounds great.

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