The race on Saturday was a little anti-climactic in my opinion. That’s all right though because not every race has to be epic. It was the first race since the NYC Half so it definitely had a lot to live up to and probably any race that followed would be less than epic compared to that race.

I arrived around 8:15 at Columbus Circle to meet up with some friends. The morning of and the ride there went unbelievable smooth and I arrived with lots of time to spare. Met up with the group, we took some pictures, hit the porta potties and then headed to the corrals.

The race was PACKED! Too packed, definitely. I had no idea there would be so many people there and honestly I was a little disappointed with the start of the race because of how over crowded it was. They should have staggered the start and even though it would have taken longer to cross the start, it would have been worth it. The crowd didn’t clear until after mile 2 and I was definitely held back for those two miles. I had no where to go and it was extremely difficult to pass anybody. The weather was in the sixties, but it was really hot at points and it was getting rather difficult to push myself. I poured a cup of water on myself at the second water station and it felt sooo good!

I was honestly hoping to do a little bit better than I did. I look back on the race and I know I pushed myself hard enough, but I was still a little disappointed with my time. The last mile was pretty difficult so I guess I’m not really sure if I could have actually done better, but I can’t help but feel that way. I am definitely extremely happy that I beat my PR by almost 3 full minutes!

This was my third 10K ever and my first two times were: 57:16 and 57:33 so I am grateful that I did well in retrospect. I estimated a 8:47 pace was was really hoping to achieve an 8:30 pace. What can I say, I’m kind of competitive against myself when it comes to races. It was a great race overall though and it was so good to see my running friends again!

Final Time: 54:28

Are you competitive during races?


  1. you look sooo good and skinny ms steph barker!

  2. I am so competitive when running. really, the only way I’ll push myself is if there is a “bunny rabbit” to follow. I don’t get mean or anything, just straight-faced. Great times!

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