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This weekend has been great!

I stayed out super late last night, so I didn’t get to bed until 1:30! I got a solid 6 hours of sleep though and was ready to go by 8am. I was surprisingly awake, although I did drink a Redbull, so I’m sure that helped. But, I was so ready to run!

It was colder than I expected, but not nearly as cold as this race 2 years ago. I met up with Adriana before the race, around 8:30. She picked up my race materials for me, so I had plenty of time to pin on my number and put on my D-tag.



I felt pretty confident about PR-ing today. I needed to keep my pace under 8:40 in order to do that and after yesterday’s run, I knew I could do it.

The first mile was crowded as usual. I usually hate weaving around people, but I was determined to stay on pace, so I did what I had to. I weaved and kept pushing forward. The first mile includes a pretty brutal hill, but I stayed strong and finished the 1st mile in 8:31.

Mile 2 was pretty uneventful, but it’s also one of the easier miles of the race. I was still feeling good and I knew if I finished this mile strong, then I would have it in the bag and I would already be halfway done. Mile 2 finished in 8:15! Amazing.

We crossed over to the 102nd street transverse where they had the Patriots vs. Giants chute set up. You pick the side you want to win. Of course, I chose the Patriots side and surprisingly so didn’t a good group of other runners. Go Pats! The 3rd mile is always the most difficult in the NYRR 4 mile races. It’s got the most hills and they are long and gradual, so they seem like they go on forever. I was SO focused during this mile, but also so excited, I had this and I knew it. Mile 3; 8:21.

Not only was I maintaining under 8:40, I was crushing it! The last mile has a lot of downhill. I got confused for a second because they changed the finish from where it normally is and there was a bit of an incline right before you enter the finish line area. I was really pushing it during this last mile, I kept looking at my watch and seeing a 7:xx! I booked it the last 1/2 mile and finished mile 4 in 8:00!


I crushed my PR by 1:07! Awesome.

My Garmin showed a 4.05 distance, so that average pace is obviously better!

Official Results: 33:31 Average Pace: 8:23

I think I earned myself a new bib #/color! Let’s hope so 🙂 Maybe I will be a Green 3000 next race!


According to my Garmin, I averaged an 8:16 average pace. Either way, I ran fast!!!! It felt so good and I wasn’t even dying at the end. I probably could’ve kept going or ran even faster.

I was looking over my PR’s the other day and they are all so old. It was kind of disappointing and I was pretty bummed out, I felt like they were expired since most of them were from 2 years ago. Seriously, this is my new year of PR’s, I can feel it. Excited to finally PR!

Next up: Cherry Tree 10 Miler in Prospect Park in 2 weeks.


  1. congrats on a great race! and hahaha on the Pats lose! 🙂

  2. great job steph! so happy for you!

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