Saturday was the Gay Pride Race in Central Park in honor of Gay Pride Week here in NYC. I’ve never done this race before, but it always looked fun and I’ve only run one 5 mile race back in December.

I woke up at 6:15, got dressed, ate, and was out the door at 7:30. I got off the first stop in Manhattan and ran 2.5 miles to the start. My legs were feeling heavy and tired and I wasn’t really looking forward to the hilly race because of this. I met up with Adriana at baggage and she was excited for the race, while I was somewhat dreading it. Slug city.

We headed to our respective corrals and while I waited for the start, I realized I was already sweating. Oh great.

We battled Harlem Hill first thing, which was actually kind of nice since we could just get it out of the way in the beginning. After the first mile, I was surprised that I wasn’t feeling like death. I took it one mile at a time and was cruising right along. I wasn’t sure what my time was since the miles melded into my miles run beforehand. I was seeing mostly low 9’s though, which I was very happy with considering how sluggish I felt on the way there.

I finished strong and with a smile on my face, especially after seeing these popsicles.


They were MUCH needed after the sweaty, sticky race conditions. I ate my popsicle, met back up with Adriana and discussed the race a bit. I loved the course! It was nice to run something different than the typical NYRR 4-6 mile race course. The hills were there, but they were nice and spread out in the beginning and the end. I listened to Iron Maiden the whole time and Run to the Hills came on appropriately towards the end on Cat Hill.


Overall the race flew by and I didn’t mind running another 2.5 miles to complete a total of 10 miles for the day.

Official Time: 46:17

Average Pace: 9:16

10 Mile Time: 1:34:11

Average Pace: 9:25

In other news:

Laura is the winner of the Shower Pill giveaway! Congratulations Laura, please send me your address so I can get you your box of Shower Pill wipes asap.



  1. Sounds like a great race and a good way to get in your long run around it! Congrats! Can’t wait to meet you soon!!!

  2. I ran this race and didn’t even remember we ran cat hill! It was so hot and sweaty!

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