I thrive on routine. It’s something that’s been slipping away from me ever since the marathon has been over. It’s also something that tends to change as the seasons change. For me, winter is the hardest season to find a routine in, therefore it’s the hardest to thrive in. I am working on finding what works for me each and every day and sticking to it, I’m a creature of habit and I like it.

Everything from what I eat for breakfast to the scheduled time I leave for work every morning, I like it to be the same.

This morning, I am trying something new. Even though it wasn’t planned, since I slept through my alarms to get up and get my butt out the door for a run (surprise), but once I got up, I realized I had showered last night, so I figured what’s the point of showering again. My hair was literally still wet, so I let it out from it’s bun and styled it accordingly.

My winter breakfast consists of oatmeal. I’m way too lazy to make real oatmeal, so instead I use the “less sugar” Quaker instant oatmeal. I almost always make 2 packets, because come on, one of those is NOT enough, plus it’s only like 160 calories per packet. How is that a whole breakfast? Along side my oatmeal is a nice hot cup of coffee.

Just pretend I’m this little boy, because clearly he doesn’t shower either.

Could this be my new routine? Exercising and showering at night, and waking up to a nice relaxed morning with breakfast and coffee? Sounds nice, right? I kind of like it, although my eyes are definitely feeling the fact that they have yet to be hit with the streams of hot water from the shower.

I also got a sunlight simulated light for Christmas. I think I am going to add this in every morning, use it while I’m eating breakfast and drinking my coffee. It takes regular use to have an effect, so I might as well get that into my routine ASAP.

What is your daily routine? Do you have one, or do you just wing it every day?


  1. I like a routine as well. Unfortunately, that has lately been wake up late and don’t work out. No more though! 🙂

  2. I’m the exact same way. But I love a nice slow morning, so I always squeeze my workout/showers into my evenings.

  3. i am usually a get up and shower person, but lately, i’m finding if my hair looks okay (washed the night before) then I will get fix it and go. so, i’m learning to be more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. hardly ever workout in the morning and breakfast usually changes daily.

  4. If I work out at night and not before work, I absolutely skip the a.m. shower! What’s the point?! It is kind of nice having that relaxing morning and I usually get a lot done around the house before work too! But in the end, nothing wakes me up more than a morning run 🙂

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