nycmcancellationThis happened yesterday. Even though I had already accepted it and moved on, it definitely hurt to put the final nail in the coffin. I got nervous, sad, and unsure all of a sudden. All I had to do was push a button on the computer and it’s gone, no more New York City Marathon for me.

It sucks to think back when I initially got injured and how I thought I was kind of lucky because I wasn’t going to be missing any races or losing any money, I always thought it could be much worse, and granted it DEFINITELY could have been much worse. But, anyway, how wrong I was. I suppose it was for the better when I think about it. It allowed me to go through my injury period with hope and gratitude, rather than negativity.

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on this, it’s done and over, I’ve officially cancelled my entry and I WILL be there next year.

What do I have lined up for the Fall? Sadly, not very much. I’m so used to racing so often, and not only all year long, but Fall is the prime racing season, so it makes me kind of sad to not have several races lined up. I’m definitely living vicariously through my friends who are racing the shit out of some marathons this Fall.

I keep considering signing up for one of the many half marathons in the area, but then I remind myself how out of shape I am. I mean, yes, I can cover the distance, but I much prefer to return to racing with some amount of confidence and speed under my belt.

In a little under 3 weeks, I am racing the

Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff (5M)

It will be mixed into a 9 mile training run, but I do plan on racing those 5 miles. I cannot wait to wear this beauty again!


I haven’t worn my singlet since VCM, which was 4 months ago at this point. I don’t think I’ve ever gone so long without racing before. I’m sure my bank account appreciates it 🙂 Err…minus losing $235 for NYCM.

As of right now, the 5 mile race and the Rehoboth Beach Half are all I’m signed up for. I’m considering the Race To Deliver, which is a 4 mile race put on by NYRR on November 24th. And I am also considering doing the Hot Chocolate 10k put on by NYCRuns on December 15th, the weekend after the Rehoboth Half. We shall see. 🙂

My focus right now is only run races that I plan on racing. Having this goal helps with saving money and learning to appreciate a race again. I love running races as part of training runs, but I’m not in that mindset right now. I want to race these races and start pushing myself again.

Anyone else running these races? What’s your Fall race season looking like? Are you signed up for several races?


  1. Have you ever trained exclusively for a half before? As in not just running it in the middle of a marathon training cycle or in the marathon off season? I think you might surprise yourself in December, and you should maybe consider signing up for another one a few months after it, not before. When I took a marathon hiatus I focused on training for halves, and over the course of 4 of them in slightly less than a year, I took 25 minutes of my PR from the combination of faster paces in training and the fact that back-to-back half-marathon training cycles are easier on the body than those for full marathons. I know you’re still super bummed about not running NYCM, but I’m just speaking from experience when I say I think you should take advantage of the running goals you can accomplish without a marathon on the horizon. 🙂
    PS. Can we run together soon??? Taper is approaching, so I’ll have an abundance of shorter runs coming up!

    • The only time I’ve ever exclusively trained for a half was during my very first one, so it’s been a while for sure. I’m actually looking forward to this break in marathoning. I’m pretty sure I won’t be running another marathon until NYC next year. I really want to have a huge PR in the half, so I think that’s what I’m going to be focusing on through the Fall and Spring of next year. And that’s so nice to hear that you had huge success with multiple half marathons! I would LOVE for a 3 minute PR, I can’t even imagine 25 minutes!

      And yes, please lets run, I miss you!

  2. I am sorry!!! This stinks!!! I have been there so many times. What was the injury? I am sorry I should know but I am on lack of sleep these days. Hang in there!! It sounds like there are some other races you can still do, which is awesome.
    Stephanie recently posted…Another bad run….My Profile

  3. Not running is a bummer but the NYCM isn’t going anywhere. Just think about how much stronger you’ll be for the race next year.

    I’m looking at a few of the same fall races – the Race To Deliver, the Hot Chocolate 10k and the Jingle Bell Jog. Maybe I’ll see you out there. 🙂
    stephanie @ healthy, happy stephanie recently posted…Grete’s Great Gallop Recap & A New PR!My Profile

  4. I’m with Carla – try your hand at shorter races and really train for a half or a 5k. They are totally different beasts when they are actually your goal race, plus it’s fun to go fast!!

    My fall race schedule got totally screwed…probably no running until Nov 1. Good bye Richmond marathon. 🙁
    Ashley @ This Is The Place recently posted…Well, that’s unfortunate….My Profile

  5. Feel for you. Tough moment. I went through this exact same thing last year due to injury, waiting until the last minute to officially cancel my NYCM entry (and it was with VERY mixed emotions that it didn’t go off without me after all). I’ll be there in 2014, right there with ya.

  6. catching up on tons of posts-loved your fav things post! I just got honey stingers in my kona kase and can’t wait to finally try.

    can’t wait to see you at rehoboth!! I totally understand about wanting to race again. I’m struggling with not doing too much too soon and not signing up for races when my body can’t really run as fast as it used to. Rehoboth is going to be a baseline test for me. Onto 2014 for both of us!! Also, i’m guaranteed into NYC next year!! 🙂

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