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*Note: Some of the next few entries are going to be catch up posts. I didn’t blog a lot before (or after) the wedding, but I would still love to get everything in here, so please bear with me and enjoy some of these posts from the past.

2 weeks before the wedding, the last time I was in NH before the big weekend was when I did my makeup trial with my sister Kerri. She did the following makeup for me based on what I was looking for.



I knew I wanted shades of brown shadow with brown liner. I wear eye makeup well and I wasn’t scared to go a little bolder. Kerri was worried that it would be too dark, but after the trial, I think she was convinced. This was very close to what I was looking for and I was happy with the results.

When I was back in New York, I made a date with my friend Megan to hit up Sephora for some materials. I love makeup, especially good quality makeup, but damn it’s expensive! I made the decision to do my own makeup to save money, I’m not sure if I saved any money, but I at least got to keep all of the makeup that I used on the wedding day as opposed to paying $60 to $100 for just the application.






This is the makeup I used to achieve my wedding day look. Missing is the lip gloss/lipstick I used and the eyebrow pencil because I borrowed them from my sister and I don’t have them anymore. I spent about $100 on makeup, but it was worth it because I am still using it today.


Like I said in previous posts, I don’t have my professional wedding photos yet, so this is the best picture I have of what my makeup looked like. I have to say though, I was extremely happy with how it all came out. I thought I did a great job and it looked nice and natural.

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