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I’m doing my own makeup for the wedding. I know some may think it’s crazy, but I feel completely confident that I can do an amazing job! I’m pretty good at doing my own makeup and I know what I can pull off and what I can’t. I haven’t bought the makeup yet, but I think I am about ready to go ahead and make the plunge. I’ve been doing lots of research, or rather picture hunting to help me make my decision on what I want it to look like.

I’m going with an overall brown theme. I love these pictures here, I think the top picture is my favorite. I love the eyeshadow! I like that it’s shimmery, but a little bold at the same time. I don’t think I’m going to use black liner, I think I will stick with brown, so it’s a little more subtle. I am going to practice with both black and brown though just to make sure I get my desired look.


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I like these other two pictures, but I think the top picture is a combination of these two, which is why I like it the best. It may seem a little dark to some, but in my opinion I pull off eye makeup really well and I’m not afraid to go a little bold. I don’t think it will be too much. That’s what the practicing is for anyway. I will be sure to update you and take pictures when I do actually do my trials. Probably sometime this week!

Anyway, it’s Labor Day and I had a super lazy day yesterday, so today Derek and I are ready to get down to business and knock out some more wedding tasks.

I had THE BEST bachelorette party anyone could’ve asked for! I went out with an amazing group of ladies who I absolutely LOVE so much and we had the BEST time ever! I got way too drunk and literally spent 12 hours yesterday recovering. I will be sure to recap ASAP!

19 days till the wedding!!!

Hope you all have a good Labor Day!


  1. Love the make up colors!!

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