I ran a race this past Saturday! I know, I haven’t really been keeping you all updated, but I kind of forgot about it too since I’ve had so much going on in the past month. It was my first time running since almost 3 weeks ago.

I woke up at 6:00 and I absolutely did not feel like going. Adriana was meeting me there, so I had the obligation and I didn’t want to let her down. I got there pretty early, around 7:30 and met up with Adriana a few minutes later. Once I got there, I felt much better and I of course, did not regret going.

While waiting in our corrals, the announcer was talking about New York City and she asked ” what is your favorite part of NYC?” Obviously she was referring to Central Park (because it is so awesome), since this race was in support of the park, but I couldn’t help but automatically think; Shake Shack. What can I say? My mind always jumps to food, especially Shake Shack burgers! Shake Shack is one of the top 3 reason I love NYC.

Okay enough about the best burger ever and back to the race!

I started off pretty strong with my first 2 miles:

  • Mile 1: 9:02
  • Mile 2: 8:49


The third mile was where I started to get tired and super hot! It was also pretty hilly between 2 and and my body was definitely feeling it. I focused on staying focused and pushing through. All I kept thinking was how it was only 4 miles long and that it would be over before I knew it. The last mile wasn’t too bad, but I sure was excited to finish.

  • Mile 3: 9:27
  • Mile 4: 9:27


3 minutes slower than my PR, I finished in 37:25, not bad. I obviously had no intention of PR’ing, so I just thought of it like a training run…I would be happy with that time if it were just a training run. It was a good race overall and like all the other NYRR races, it was organized extremely well and I like that they switched up the food at the end. At the end of this race, we got a bag of pretzels and a pear! It was a nice and welcomed change.

My sister and I are planning on signing up for this 7 mile race in Gloucester, MA. Time to start running again!


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