I feel like I’ve signed up for a billion races in the past week! This is what my schedule looks like for the racing season this year.

March 27, 2011

New York Colon Cancer Challenge 15K – Central Park

April 3, 2011

More Magazine Women’s Half Marathon – Central Park

May 21, 2011

Brooklyn Half Marathon – Prospect Park

June 25, 2011

New England Warrior Dash 3.02 – Amesbury, MA

I am super excited for the Warrior Dash because Derek is doing it with me this year!!! I can’t even believe how easily he agreed to do it. This will be his first race, I can’t wait to run with him! Kelly is also doing it with me again, we will all be staying at her parents house in Massachusetts so we will be nice and close. It’s going to be lots of fun!

The first 3 races will be counted toward my 9 +1 Guaranteed Entry goal. This program will guarantee me a spot in the 2012 ING NYC Marathon!

From here on out I must think of every day as a work day. I feel like a new woman today. I am officially an intern at I Really Like Food dot com and I must contribute 15 hours a week towards writing for their site. I am very excited about this and I look forward to the challenges it will bring. I made an official work space today by organizing our unused desk.

My area is complete with a large wall calendar, a desk lamp that I just set up and a Snuggie on the back on my chair. It gets cold in the bedroom and I am right next to the window so a Snuggie is perfect because I can wear a blanket and type at the same time!  : )

I am an organized working woman now, who is still working for free, but hopefully after tomorrow I will be a working woman who gets paid real money. I have an interview tomorrow at lululemon in Soho. It’s a group interview so I’m going to have to try a little harder than normal. I want this job and I will get it so I have to make sure I stand out and talk a lot! I had a dream last night that I was really late to my interview and I ended up missing it completely. I was so upset in my dream and it was unbelievably real. It’s at 8 am tomorrow and I must say that I am glad it’s in the morning because it therefore does not allow me to think about it way too much before I go. Wish me luck!

On the food side of things, I made a delicious appetizer plate as my lunch today. We don’t have many things to eat as meals in the apartment so I decided to eat a little bit of everything.

  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Celery
  • Green and Yellow Peppers
  • Garlic Hummus
  • Feta Stuffed Olives
  • and a Pickle

Today is the first day of my new Half Marathon training. I’ve switched my schedule over to the FIRST method for training. It incorporates 3 running days a week and 2 cross training days. Every workout has a specific focus and reason behind it.


Key Workout # 1 is track repeats or speed work. What I had planned today was a 10 – 20 min. warmup followed by 12 x 400 with Rest Intervals of 90 seconds. Then a 10 minute cooldown. I’ve never done track repeats like this before and there would be no way to do them properly without my new Garmin watch, so I am very happy to have it.

My first Rest Interval (RI) I did a slow jog, but soon realized that all of my RI’s should be walking only. This definitely helped. I noticed a huge difference in my recovery and I don’t think I would’ve made it through all 12 repeats if I jogged between each one. I didn’t realize how far I ended up running until I got home and transfered the data to my computer.

  • Distance: 6.13 Miles
  • Duration: 61:49
  • Pace: 10:04
  • Calories Burned: 577

Here are my repeat stats:

12 x 400 Meters

  • 1:52
  • 1:58
  • 1:54
  • 1:54
  • 1:53
  • 1:54
  • 1:57
  • 1:56
  • 1:54
  • 1:56
  • 1:56
  • 1:55

Now, it is extremely recommended that you keep each repeat as close to the target pace as possible without much variation in each repeat.

My target pace was 1:53 for each 400 meter lap. I thought I did a pretty good job for my first time. The target pace is determined using a prior 5K race time and it also varies whether you are running a 400M, 600M, 800M, etc. intervals. The longer the interval, the slower the pace.

I will be doing these types of runs every Monday.

I’m bummed because I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor strap again today! Who knew today would be a long run day, I love it!