As I already mentioned, I am planning on using Hansons Marathon Method for my upcoming training cycle. The scariest part about it is the fact that I will be running 6 days a week. I take marathon training seriously and I very much want to achieve a big PR at the NYC Marathon, and I think this is the training plan will make that happened.

The good news is that the 6 days a week thing doesn’t start until week 5 of my training plan and the first 5 weeks are ALL EASY RUNS. Like, I am not allowed to run faster than a 10 min/mi. pace. Okay then! The real training starts in week 6, so I’m looking forward to the first 5 weeks of base building.

I have never run more than 5 days a week before, but most of the runs will be super easy and slow and they will be used for recovery.

This is the general plan:

M: Recovery run

T: Speedwork

W: Rest

Th: Tempo @ MGP

F: Easy run

Sat: Easy run

Sun: Long run

I should request Wednesdays off from work for the rest of the summer, right?

I’ll be sharing my training week to week if you care to follow along and send me motivation because this plan ain’t gonna be easy.

12 days until training starts and I’m trying not to be nervous about it. I’m not scared of the running, I just hope I can keep myself motivated. I’m going to be running a lot and I just don’t want to get burnt out or injured. There isn’t much room in this plan for for adjustment, so I guess we’ll see what happens! I’m kind of looking at it as an experiment. It’s worked for so many and I am willing to put in the necessary work

I would love any advice from someone who has used Hansons before!

I am ridiculously happy for no reason today and I am feeling motivated to start running seriously again. This is a huge step for me, I’ve been feeling awful about everything over the past few months and I’m glad to feel better in time for training. I’m ready for running and training to take over my life (to an extent) and I always need a running buddy, so let me know if you want to run morning, noon, or night! It’s good to be back.

Have any good snack recommendations that would be good to keep in a desk? I gotta stock up because I’m sure I will be hungry all the time!

So, basically, if you want to hang out with me from now until November 2nd, you better start running! 😉

Lets do this.

PS. I recently binge watched the entire series of How I Met Your Mother, except for season 9!!! So, don’t spoil anything for me. I’ve heard it’s disappointing, but I still can’t wait to watch the final season.

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I was in NH again for the 2nd weekend in a row for a bachelorette party on Saturday. We went to Canobie Lake Park, which was a lot of fun and brought me straight back to my childhood.

Saturday night I spent with my family and it turned out to be a really great night and I even had one of my dad’s famous cheeseburgers. I miss my family!

I woke up later than I wanted to on Sunday, but I was freaking tired (and still am), but my sister and I eventually got to the track a little after 10am to do a 1 mile time trial. I wanted to see how fast I could run 1 mile and give it everything I had. it was extremely sunny and warm in the 70s, but I was still excited to push it and see what I had in me.

I ran a mile warm up on the paved track. This was my old track where I would suffer running a 12 minute mile in high school. It used to be a real rubber track, but for some reason it got paved over. 🙁 Anyway, after my mile warm up, I pushed it as much as I possibly could and ran a somewhat disappointing 7:38 mile, then I proceeded to collapse on the grass before I ran another cool down mile.


It. Was. Hot.

Whatever, I know I’m out of shape and I can only go up from here, right? I’m excited to make progress and finally work on getting back into shape. I’m not going to wait a long time before I try again, I plan on doing another timed mile right before NYC Marathon training starts, so in about 3 weeks.

What’s your fastest mile? I managed a 6:59 2 years ago at the NYRR 5th Avenue Mile, the goal will be to beat that at this year’s race in September.

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I feel like my whole summer is already planned out! It’s all good, fun plans though, so I am really looking forward to doing #allthethings.


I’ve already talked about all of the wedding things I have planned in June, so once that’s over, marathon training starts!

Image from, which was one of the blogs I read in search of HMM info!

I have decided to do the Hansons Marathon Method this time around and I will officially be starting on June 30th. This will be a whole new plan for me, more running days, more super easy runs, and shorter long runs, but I am super excited about it. I spent about a month this past winter researching the plan and reading anything and everything about it. I read the book, read blogs from people who have used it, and I started to feel pretty confident and excited about using it. I definitely plan to blog weekly recaps about my training, so that’ll be here before we know it.


In July I have another bachelorette party to go to! This one is going to be a really fun trip and just in case the friend that it’s for reads my blog, I’d rather not mention where we are going because it’s supposed to be a surprise. Hoping for a beautiful, warm, and sunny 3 day trip!


Originally I was planning on going to Bend, OR for the Oiselle Team Camp. Everyone on the team was invited on a 5 day camp that involves running trails around Bend, doing yoga, and the chance to bond with your teammates from around the country. I am SO SAD to be missing out on this opportunity, but I absolutely cannot afford it. The plane tickets are outrageous and I can’t make it work. Sad.

Instead, I am going to do the 100 on 100 relay race in Vermont with Lauren and #cheesebaby! We have our team just about filled, we may need 1 more person, but it’s going to be so much fun. Lauren and I have talked about doing this race and I’m so glad we can make it work this year. If I’m missing out on Bend, I want to at least do something fun that weekend that won’t cost $1,000.


I also have Abby’s wedding to go to in the beginning of August, she’s going to be a gorgeous bride and I can’t wait to see her and Anthony get married.


I plan on running 2 races this month, I have not signed up yet, but it’s on my list to do. The 5th Avenue Mile on September 13th and the NYCRuns Queens Half in Flushing Corona Park on September 14th. It will be a double race weekend!

I’m intentionally not racing a lot this summer because I plan to stick to my training schedule as closely as possible and the Hansons Method doesn’t leave much room for racing. I am planning on using the half in September as a gauge and tune up race, so hopefully that goes well.

What are YOU doing this summer? Is it all planned out just like mine?