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Last night I ran my 4th and final (for the season) Al Goldstein 5k in Prospect Park. It’s a series put on by PPTC and this is my 3rd summer doing it. It’s always great to see running friends on a random night during the week.


Anyway, the first 3 races of the season were mostly disappointing, I was never expecting much, but they were pretty consistent at 26:06, 26:16, and 26:16 respectively. But, last night? Last night I ran an amazing and surprisingly strong race and I left remembering what it was like to have a great race.

Despite not achieving a PR, I feel as happy as if I did achieve one. It wasn’t my fastest, but it was definitely my strongest and most satisfying 5k I’ve ever run.

I still don’t know how I pulled it off, but I managed negative splits!

Mile 1: 8:16

Mile 2: 8:10

Mile 3: 7:49

.10: 7:22 pace

Official Time: 24:59

Carla was awesome enough to come out and cheer us on in mile 2 and she captured this fantastic photo of me!


I felt SO STRONG during the entire race. I’m in awe, mostly because it was on my 7th consecutive day of running, so my legs were anything but fresh. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt this way and since I’ve had such a great race, so I’m trying to soak it in as much as possible.

This is helping me feel ready to start my speedwork next week!

Ever had an awesome/successful race even if you didn’t PR?

I love this race! This was our 2nd year back and maybe even more fun than the last. This will definitely be an annual tradition for us! We got in Friday round 3pm, we checked into our amazing hotel and then went to pick up our race bibs.

20131210-211953.jpgDerek’s first real race and Em’s first marathon. So exciting!!!

Then we proceeded to Dogfish Head, the only place we ever eat and drink when we are in Rehoboth. Why go anywhere else?


I ate a really healthy meal. A short rib sandwich with cheese, and mushrooms, and french fries. And on Mondays and Fridays, they have beers through the Randall! Obviously HAD to get that. It was the 90 min IPA through the Randall that was filled with fresh hops. Yummmm.

It was nice to get to Rehoboth so early! We had time to eat, digest (mostly) and get to bed by 10. Last year, we didn’t get in until 8:30 and it was awful. Round 1 of the Dogfish Head Pub was a success.


Alarms went off at 4:30am and I laid in bed for a while and watched Em and Derek get around. I was ready quickly, but 6:30 came way too fast! We headed down to the lobby and ran into Michele, Jess, and Elizabeth. We walked the 2 minutes to the start, took a quick picture and wished each other luck.


I lined up with Elizabeth pretty close to the front, I knew if we went too far back we would really be stuck. We chatted a bit about pace and then we were off. I had planned to start around 8:50, but that felt way to slow, so I stuck with what felt good, but not overly fast. It felt great to be running! It’s always a good feeling to start off feeling wonderful, that doesn’t always happen.

I ran with Elizabeth for the first 1 1/2 miles before I decided to pull back, my watch was showing me running an 8:25 second mile and I knew that was way too fast for mile 2. I really love the first 4 miles of this race, it’s a small out and back, you get to see the ocean, it’s early in the race, and this year my mind was brought back to good memories from last year’s marathon. I was smiling, feeling good and happy to see so many of my friends running too! I smiled and waved to Jess, Em, and Derek, as we all got to see each other on the out and back.


At mile 4, I saw Nick! He had his camera up in his face, and I didn’t think he saw me, so I yelled his name and he finally looked and waved. I think he captured an unpleasant shot of my backside running, so no need to post that. 🙂 Thanks for being our race photographer, Nick!

4 miles down. I couldn’t believe I was already almost 1/3 of the way through the race. I was feeling fantastic! My pace was locked into 8:40ish and I just kept on trucking. I was scared to push yet, I didn’t want to burn out and I knew I needed to save energy for the trail portion.

Mile 1: 8:37

Mile 2: 8:38

Mile 3: 8:35

Mile 4: 8:40

Mile 5: 8:37

Mile 6: 8:37

I kept wondering when the trail started because I honestly thought it started before this point, but at the same time, I was happy it hadn’t hit yet. I knew it was going to be the toughest part of the race. I was also impressed with myself that I kept my splits so consistent! I kept trying not to psyche myself out. Things were going really well and I knew that if I had a strong second half that I could actually PR, since my splits were only about 3 seconds away from my PR pace. But! Every time I thought about that, I told myself this…

“No, it doesn’t matter! You don’t have to PR, you are doing great, you are running a strong race and that’s what matters. You came here to race strong and that is exactly what you are doing, just keep going!”

20131210-211833.jpg I look like a ghost!

And this is where the trail starts. I kind of gave myself a mental pep talk and reset before going into this part of the race. It takes more energy to keep your pace up on the dirt and I was expecting giant puddles because of all the rain (just like last year), so I knew it wasn’t going to be mindless running.

Mile 7: 8:51 (Sad I ruined my consistency)

Mile 8: 8:38

Mile 9: 8:39

The first mile of the trail, I came to complete stop because the lead half marathoner was coming back through with the vehicle and there was a giant puddle that nobody could get around and the 3 people in front of me came to a complete dead stop because they couldn’t go to the left and they didn’t just run through it. Kind of frustrating!

Most of the trail was okay, really hard packed and nice to run on, but other parts were soft, some parts were rocky, and yeah, some parts were muddy and full of puddles.

As you exit the trail, you run through a housing development for maybe a 1/4 mile and this is where the half marathoners split from the marathoners. So we do a quick turn around and head back to the trail!!! I knew I had about 3 miles back through the trail, so I focused on that to get me through the next few miles. And this is where it gets a little rough for me.

rehobothmile9The turnaround.

Mile 10: 9:05

Mile 11: 8:53

I suddenly had awful stomach cramps during mile 10. For the first time ever, I thought I was going to have to stop and use the bathroom during a race. I pushed as hard as I possibly could through this mile. I was sad to see that 9 in the front of the mile. My stomach was a mess and I was struggling. It took these 2 miles to subside, but I was happy that it did. 1 mile left on the trail, I could do this!

I had no idea where I was going to come in time wise, I knew I had sub 2 in the bag, but I wasn’t sure how close I was to 1:55; my A goal.

After the mile 12 marker, I was back on solid pavement, yay! I pushed and pushed to get my pace down as low as I could get it. I had it at 8:10 for a while, but obviously that didn’t work out. The last mile is down Rehoboth Ave, where we are most familiar with. The strip where everything is, so I sort of knew where I was. And finally, I could see the big white tents! The finish area!

I looked at my watch about 100 feet from the finish line and saw I was 7 seconds away from 1:55, so I booked it, but at that point it was impossible to get there in time to finish sub 1:55. Oh well! I was super happy when I finished, I knew I gave it absolutely everything I had.

Mile 12: 8:51

Mile 13: 8:42

Mile .21: 1:44 (8:11 pace)

Official Time: 1:55:13 (8:48 avg. pace)

I think I ran a smart race and I’m happy to be back at this point in my running, when 5 months ago I was hobbling around in a boot. The only regret I have is not listening to music. I really think it could’ve helped me in those last few miles. Next time, for sure!!!

Derek crushed his race and finished in 2:09! He finished in one piece and is feeling pretty good. I’m pretty sure he wants to keep running and I know he will have a much better training cycle next time around.

Em killed her marathon as well! She ran the whole entire time and crushed her goal time of sub 5 and finished in 4:46!!!. I ran with her during the last 3.2 miles and it was absolutely amazing. She was looking so strong! She was talking, wasn’t annoyed at me for making her run this race 😉 and I was going to start crying before she even crossed the finish line.

I’m hoping she will write us a race report to post here, so that she can tell you guys all about it! I am incredibly proud of her and Derek and I am so happy they are starting to love running as much as I do.

Derek captured this photo right as I met up with her to bring her home.


And this was captured about 1/4 mile from the finish. Absolutely love both of these pictures!!! Smiling like she didn’t just run 26 miles!


And then we celebrated by going to Dogfish Head 2 more times and drinking lots of beer! We went after the race, stuffed our faces, went back to the hotel and took a nap and then went back for round 3. Cannot get enough.


Our server at dinner was amazing and we were all drunk and obviously had to get a picture with him. Haha! It was an incredible weekend that won’t be forgotten and we can’t wait to do it all again next year. Nick even said he wants to run the half! Time to sign him up on New Years Eve, that’s how I got everyone last year! 😉


And we got these GIANT medals, so that was nice! 🙂


I feel like I am so late with the Thanksgiving post, but I had absolutely no time over the break to blog! It was a great weekend, but I was super busy and had so many people to see.

Anyway, I got to see most of my family, ate some delicious food and ran a race!

I woke up bright and early Thursday morning, my dad picked me up and drove us to his crossfit box in Manchester. It was super close to the start and he was meeting up with his friends there who were also running. It was warm, and there was a real bathroom, so it was pretty nice.


I also got to meet Jess!!! She met up with us here as well, so I brought her inside to watch all the crazies doing squats and pull ups before running. Haha!

20131203-101948.jpgWe jogged the short 3 minutes to the start and we lined up in the front of the 7-8 minute pace group.

It was 25 degrees with 20 mph winds. Cold. I was definitely overdressed as I realized while I was running. I at least wasn’t too cold while waiting at the start, plus we only waited like 7 minutes before we started.

Then we were off! Jess is speedy, so I was planning on trying to chase her, but lost her about a 1/2 mile in. The plan was to try and run an average of 7:45, but of course I started off WAY too fast and was seeing 7:11 as my pace. I pushed it up the one hill in the beginning and then tried to settle in.

I didn’t start my watch immediately at the start because it lost satellite while waiting to start so I don’t have all my data. But, I clocked my first mile at 7:46. Mile 2 was about hanging on and fighting to stay strong even though I was clearly overdressed and wanted to take off all my clothes. I think mile 2 came in around an 8:03.

Mile 3 was death. I felt so heavy, so crampy, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I have no idea what my 3rd mile was because my watch didn’t make it that far, I finished with it saying 2.93 miles as my total.

5kThe race pictures are free! Too bad I didn’t get a better one, I look like I’m sleeping.


The last .1 of the race was run on the dirt path around the baseball field and it was too soft and difficult to run on, I felt like I was getting nowhere. I definitely didn’t think I PRed, I thought maybe I came in about 15 seconds slower.


Me and Jess after the race.

Jess texted me a bit later with some good news! I actually did PR!! What?

New 5k PR: 24:22, 7:50 average pace


My dad and Jess also PRed, so it was a great day for everyone.

It was a really fun race and it was so nice to meet Jess! She’s so nice and I think we hit it off 🙂 We have plans to run when I’m back home in NH for Christmas.

Then I stuffed my face with this.


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!