First of all, this completes one Fitness Resolution for the year! Only three more to go.

This race, even though it was a big half marathon, didn’t have as much hype or significance as my first half marathon did. Even though this wasn’t a huge race for me, I was still super excited for it. This was my rebuttal race for having to drop out of the 13.1 Marathon Series race in Boston. Also, like I mentioned above, it helped me to complete one of my fitness resolutions for the year.

Unfortunately, Derek was unable to come with me to the race because he had to work. I figured since I would be heading up there on my own, I asked my friends if I could stay at one of their apartments for the night because they live a lot closer to the Bronx than I do. I ended up staying at my friend, Megan’s place, she lives on 116th street so I would already be half way there by the time I left in the morning.

Let me tell you, it’s kind of stressful having to pack up everything you could possibly need for a race and then leave for the night. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to travel far for a race, I would be so worried that I would forget something.

I even got to sleep in Megan’s super comfortable bed, it was like a cloud, I loved it! I, of course did not sleep very well though. Mainly because I am not used to going to bed so early. I probably got a good 4 hours of sleep. I woke up at 4:30, hopped in the shower, put all of my gear on and was out the door by 5:05, not bad!

I got to the race 20 minutes before my planned time. I was meeting up with Adriana from work and we had planned to meet for 6:15. I went to the bathroom, stretched and waited for her while she parked her car.

We took some before pictures, of course.



We dropped our bags off and then went to wait in line at the porta-potties. Then it was all of a sudden time to start! Adriana and I wished each other luck and then separated into our respectful corrals. I didn’t have much of a time goal for the race, maybe 10 minute miles and that’s about it. I lost a lot of speed during my injury and time off, so my training runs haven’t exactly been ‘fast’.

I paced myself pretty well during the entire course, I finished the first mile in 9:40. Surprisingly I felt pretty amazing throughout the entire race! Miles 1-4 literally FLEW by, I couldn’t even believe I was already 1/3 of the way through the race. Miles 5, 6, and 7 I felt pretty strong and I was thinking that I might actually have a chance to PR, so I started to pick up my pace even more. I knew if I wanted to PR though, I would have to keep up with the negative splits for the rest of the race. I kept the thought in my head, but didn’t push myself to the point of disappointment if it didn’t happen.

Miles 8, 9, and 10 (I think) were kind of hilly and they were really starting to get to me. Check out this awesome picture from the race that Brightroom took. I am definitely going to purchase this because I love it so much.


Probably around mile 11.5, I saw my friend Sandy! I was very happy to find her, but she wasn’t doing so well. She was experiencing severe stomach cramps and kept having to stop and walk. I tried to give her a good pep talk to keep her going and I kept saying we’re almost there! I was also trying to motivate myself, after mile 11 hit, I was starting to slow down and it was getting really hard at that point. Seeing Sandy though gave me a little extra energy and it was nice to see that we would yet again be finishing another half marathon together.

When I saw the finish line in the distance, I began to sprint! Yes, sprint. I don’t know where the burst of energy came from, but I bolted across that finish line and it felt amazing! On the Brightroom website, they have a video posted along with your photos and it allows you to see yourself crossing the finish line, it’s pretty cool. Check it out HERE. I begin to cross when the clock reads 2:07:07 and I’m on the right hand side.

Post race picture:


This was probably one of, if not the best race I’ve ever run, mostly because of how I felt. I felt really good during the whole race, I felt strong, fast and I even crossed the finish line with energy to spare! I proved a lot to myself during this race and I feel more than ready to start running some serious distances for my marathon training.

After I finished, Kelly and Penny found me and I was so glad to see them! Kelly is the bestest friend for waking up so early on a Sunday morning and traveling all the way to the Bronx just to support me! She brought Penny along and I must say, she got lots of attention! Everybody was stopping Kelly at the race just to pet her 🙂 She was wearing a little bandana that said ‘Go Steph!’ So cute, I love them!



I felt so good on Monday, (the day after the race) that I am going to go ahead and do a 14 miler on Friday morning. I wasn’t sore at at all and I can’t wait to set a new Personal Distance record with the 14 miler.

My Garmin time and my ‘official’ race time are way off, I’m partial to the201008190207.jpg Garmin time 🙂
Garmin Stats:

Duration: 2:03:25
Distance: 13.22
Pace: 9:20/mi.

Official Race Stats:

Duration: 2:03:49
Distance: 13.1
Pace: 9:27/mi.

Either way, here are my splits:


Of course after burning over 1300 calories, a visit to Shake Shack is almost a necessity. This was Kelly’s first time and I am so happy it lived up the hype and the expectations. She loved it!



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  1. Nothing says reward more than a post-run shake shack trip. Love that the puppy wore a bandana for you!

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