I’m currently on the Bolt bus headed to New Hampshire! I’m going to NH to run my very first marathon on Sunday, The Manchester City Marathon. I grabbed a slice of pizza right after I left work and hopped on the subway.

I had to walk a couple of blocks from the subway to where the bus picked everyone up and by the time I got there, I was sweating and I was also really annoyed. I probably hate 34th street more than times square. There are so many people and it sucks to have to walk around that area, I’m so glad I don’t work near there!
I was the first one on the bus! I got an ‘A’ ticket for the bus just by signing up to the website. I don’t think many people know this, but it’s so easy to obtain an ‘A’ ticket. An ‘A’ ticket basically means you get to get on the bus first before all of the other people with ‘B’ or ‘C’ tickets. I chose an inside seat in the front, I hate having to wait at the back for everyone else in front of me to get off.

The bus left at 5pm sharp, which was nice because last time I took the Bolt bus, it was more than a half hour late! It’s supposed to arrive at 9:15, but I’m sure it will be sooner than that. Once I get into Boston, I am hopping on the ‘T’ and taking the red line to a convenient subway station where I will be meeting my sister Kerri and my brother in law.
Tomorrow I will be picking up my race number, buying a new air mattress, taking my nephew Cody out to buy some fireworks and having a little party for him at my parents house because it’s his birthday and he just turned 13! I feel old. It should be a fun day!
I will also be anxiously waiting for Derek to arrive. He is driving up at some point tomorrow afternoon, I already can’t wait for him to get there.

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