I woke up at 5am on Sunday morning and I surprisingly didn’t feel super tired! I got to bed at 11 the night before and slept a solid 6 hours. I had all my stuff laid out and was pretty much ready to go at around 5:50. I ate a peanut butter bagel and chugged some water before I left. I had to go all the way up to 102nd street so I made sure to leave with plenty of time to spare. Luckily I did not have problems with the trains and the ride went pretty smoothly.

I eventually made it to the baggage area around 6:40 and waited for my friend Sandy. There were still tons of people standing around 15 minutes later and it really surprised me because the race started at 7! Anyway, I found Sandy and her friend Arlene and we headed to the start line. We pretty much got there as the gun went off. It took us a good 7 minutes to get to the actual start line once the long line started moving. This reminds me of a question my friend Kelly asked me on Saturday at the Warrior Dash. She was wondering if you had to line up in long lines at every race. And yes, this was a great example. Kelly, the line was so long during this race that it took 7 minutes to get to the front!

I barely had any time at all to think about this race, which was probably a good thing because I had no time to build up any stress or nerves about it. It’s a huge race for me mentally and physically. It was going to be the longest distance I’ve ever run, I was running it 14 hours after The Warrior Dash, I’ve never done 2 races in one weekend before! It was also a very hilly race, 3 loops of Central Park isn’t exactly easy.

But, yes I barely had time to think about what I was actually about to do. I started off nice and easy and just focused on…actually you know what? I have no idea what I was focusing on during this race. It surprisingly went by really fast! It was nice to break it up into segments, I focused on the first loop and after that was done, I don’t even know where the second loop went! All of a sudden I was battling the last 6 mile loop with everything I had in me. The last two miles were of course the hardest.

I was having a few problems with my right foot, it kept feeling like it was really tight and there was this really weird feeling going on with it. I jumped off to the side of the park, probably 4 or 5 times to stretch out my calf muscles. It kind of felt like the foot issue I was having a few months ago so I figured stretching out my calves would do it some good. I think I was right because it helped a lot every time I stretched. Even though I did it quite a few times, I still managed to meet my goal! I think it’s probable because I didn’t stretch after the Warrior Dash, which obviously was a mistake. But, live and learn. I am happy to have come out of both races without any injuries.

Overall this race was a huge success and I am so happy with my performance! I’ve been feeling like a bum for 2 weeks and this double race weekend was just the pick me up I needed!

Of course, I prefer my Garmin Stats, but here are both results:

Garmin Stats

Distance: 18.2 Miles

Duration: 2:58:04

Pace: 9:47

Official Race Stats

Distance: 18 Miles

Duration: 2:59:12

Pace: 9:58

Here are all of my splits:

Look at all those 9’s!

  1. 10:24
  2. 10:11
  3. 9:54
  4. 10:03
  5. 9:38
  6. 9:38
  7. 9:48
  8. 9:37
  9. 9:20
  10. 9:43
  11. 9:37
  12. 9:29
  13. 10:04
  14. 9:43
  15. 9:29
  16. 9:51
  17. 10:09
  18. 9:34

I can’t help but create a 4:20:00 time goal for my Marathon! Only 7 more weeks!

Sorry for the crazy lighting, but later in the day after my race, I made my first Smoothie In A Bowl! It was delicious and it made me freezing cold afterwards. I also ordered some Red Curry from Sumran Thai and I mustered up some energy last night to make some delicious chocolate chip cookies. They may be from a bag mix, but they were quick and yummy!


PS. The Warrior Dash Recap will be up as soon as I find out my official results!

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  1. wow. 7 minutes! that’s crazy! and you have a 9:20 mile in there! zoinks!

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