I’m enjoying a very relaxing Saturday and I’m gearing up for my 15K race tomorrow. I’m running the New York Colon Cancer Challenge (15K), it’s my first race of the year and my first 15K! It feels weird to have such a huge chunk of time go by without any races, I am so ready to race again!

Next weekend is the More Magazine Women’s Half Marathon. I’m prepared for these races, but I am really hoping to use them as practice in helping me achieve a new PR for the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 21st.

Since I just recently started listening to music while running, I’ve been working on creating the perfect playlist for these 2 upcoming races. Here is my playlist for tomorrow.


Deadly Sinners is the BEST song to run to! It pumps me up and I can seriously run like 5 minute miles listening to it. I wanted to make sure it was the last song I hear while I finish the race!

I’m going out to Thai food tonight with the lovely Mali who is in town for the weekend. See ya tomorrow with a recap!

PS. My goal for the 15K is 1:25:00!

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